Friday, November 14, 2014

Chrissy and Nessa - Chapter Three - Let's Take Mine

"Hey you lost?" the man asked as he approached Chrissy's driver's side window.

"No. I'm fine," Chrissy responded.

"You sure? I know this area pretty well."

"I'm fine."

Chrissy was sitting in her car. She was parked in the parking lot of a twenty-four hour gas station. She knew it wouldn't be long before some man became fascinated with her. Perfect targets for food. Nessa was going to be pretty hungry when she woke up and Chrissy wanted to make sure her pup was well fed.

"Are you all alone?" the man asked.

"Yes," answered Chrissy.

"Pretty little girl like you shouldn't be alone," said the man.

Chrissy was well over a hundred years old but as a result of being bitten when she was just fifteen years old Chrissy would forever have the appearance of a fifteen year old. So for all intents and purposes Chrissy like Nessa was fifteen. However, she was not a little girl.

"Would you like to hang out with me?" the man asked.

"Hang out with you?" Chrissy asked, in the most naive and innocent way possible.

"Yes. We can maybe rent a movie tonight or have a drink?"

"I'm not old enough to drink," Chrissy responded, playing along"

"Well you don't look old enough to drive either, but I wont tell if you won't. My car's just over there."

"Let's take mine," said Chrissy.

End of Chapter Three

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