Friday, November 14, 2014

Chrissy and Nessa - Chapter Three - Let's Take Mine

"Hey you lost?" the man asked as he approached Chrissy's driver's side window.

"No. I'm fine," Chrissy responded.

"You sure? I know this area pretty well."

"I'm fine."

Chrissy was sitting in her car. She was parked in the parking lot of a twenty-four hour gas station. She knew it wouldn't be long before some man became fascinated with her. Perfect targets for food. Nessa was going to be pretty hungry when she woke up and Chrissy wanted to make sure her pup was well fed.

"Are you all alone?" the man asked.

"Yes," answered Chrissy.

"Pretty little girl like you shouldn't be alone," said the man.

Chrissy was well over a hundred years old but as a result of being bitten when she was just fifteen years old Chrissy would forever have the appearance of a fifteen year old. So for all intents and purposes Chrissy like Nessa was fifteen. However, she was not a little girl.

"Would you like to hang out with me?" the man asked.

"Hang out with you?" Chrissy asked, in the most naive and innocent way possible.

"Yes. We can maybe rent a movie tonight or have a drink?"

"I'm not old enough to drink," Chrissy responded, playing along"

"Well you don't look old enough to drive either, but I wont tell if you won't. My car's just over there."

"Let's take mine," said Chrissy.

End of Chapter Three

Friday, November 7, 2014

Chrissy and Nessa - Chapter Two - Signature Look

Chrissy sat in the front seat of her car, drenched in blood. She was parked in front of her one floor house. Nessa's blood had stained the front of Chrissy's plaid button up shirt and some had even gotten on her blue skinny jeans.

Chrissy opened her trunk door, revealing Nessa pale dead body. Chrissy grabbed Nessa and swung her over her shoulder.

Chrissy's house had two bedrooms. One was empty so Chrissy decided to leave Nessa there until she turned. She entered the room and laid Nessa out on to the floor. She realized Nessa's mother was. She took Nessa's phone and texted Nessa's mother.

Hey, Mom :). Staying at Chrissy's tonight. See you tomorrow. Love you <3.

Chrissy had met Nessa's mother two months ago. She knew Nessa's mother was too wrapped up in her own life to care too much about who Nessa stayed the night with and where. But she figured it wouldn't hurt to take extra precautions.

Chrissy threw her blood stained clothes in a trash bag to be burned later. She washed the rest of Nessa's blood out of her straight blonde hair.  She changed into another pair of blue skinny jeans and yet another plaid button up shirt. After more than a hundred years Chrissy was positive she had finally found her signature look.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Chrissy and Nessa - Chapter One - You Promised

"Aren't you going to bite me?" asked Nessa. She had a puppy dogs eyes face complete with a poked out bottom lip.

"This isn't funny," said Chrissy. Her wide intense eyes glaring at Nessa.

"You promised you would turn me, Chrissy. You can't back out now. You said you cared about me," said Nessa. She pointed her finger at Chrissy. Her long back ponytail waved in the wind.

"I never said that, Nessa. In fact, I distinctly remember telling you we don't care about anyone."

"But you care about me," Nessa responded. A wide smile on her face.

Nessa was beginning to annoy Chrissy. Chrissy could feel her anger and frustration bubbling.

"We don't care, Nessa. We can't."

"Prove it," said Nessa.

With the flick of her wrist Chrissy grabbed Nessa's right index finger and snapped it.

Nessa let out a piercing scream and stumbled backwards into the row of yellow lockers outside the school.

Chrissy crouched down in front of her. "You see, Nessa. I don't care. I can't.

"You promised, you promised!" Nessa screamed. Streams of tears rolling down her cheeks as she held her broken finger tight.

Chrissy stared at Nessa. She did promise. But not keeping her word wasn't a huge issue for Chrissy.

The whining was starting to get to Chrissy and she thought about snapping Nessa's neck to make it stop. But the clean up would have been even more annoying.

Chrissy sighed and pulled Nessa up on her feet by her neck. She swung Nessa around so her back was to her front then she craned Nessa's head to the right and bit into her neck.

Nessa tasted sweet, pure, refreshing. Chrissy couldn't help but hold her tighter. Her eyes glazed over in pleasure as waves of Nessa's blood ran over her teeth and flowed over her tongue then swam down her throat.

Chrissy removed her head from the crane of Chrissy's neck and stared at the sun for in a daze. Nessa's young clean blood made her feel good. She looked back down at Nessa's neck and watched as the blood poured out of the fresh wounds and down her shirt to the floor.

Nessa's eyes began to flutter. A result of the massive blood loss. Her body began to convulse.

Chrissy held Nessa tighter. She placed her mouth back over the gushing wound and mopped over the rushing blood with her tongue. With every pulse the blood sprayed into Chrissy's mouth. Nessa shook harder.

End of Chapter One

Monday, October 20, 2014

Lady Saura, Slayer of Dragons - Chapter Thirteen - The Journey Home

I found my horse Lavros wondering the woods on the journey home to Princess Luquasia's kingdom. He was drinking from the river. I had to fight the tears that began to form in my eyes when I saw him. I was already in a bad state I didn't want the princess to see me become even more of a lady.

With one hand grasped on the stern I rode Lavros as Princess Luquasia braced my back. She was kind enough to rip off parts of her dress to bind my ribs and fasten my arm until they could be properly healed.

It still hurt to breath but the pain was beginning to subside.

"You shall come to my kingdom, Lady Saura," said Princess Luquasia. "My people will fix your wounds and you shall be looked after till your wounds are gone."

"What will we tell your father the king of me?" I asked.

"We will tell him that you are Lady Saura, slayer of dragons and my hero. And if being a woman bothers them so then they will deal with me for I am now also a dragon slayer."

I smiled at the thought. A princess dragon slayer. Although I guess it is as strange as a lady dragon slayer.

"I have people princess," I said. "People who have healed me after every battle I have needed them."

"Very well, Lady Saura," said the princess.

The princess embraced me lightly so as not to squeeze my ribs and I rode on.

We rode the rest of the night and by day break we were out side the kingdom walls.

"We're here, princess."

"So we are," responded the princess. "I will miss you, Lady Saura."

I moved to climb off my horse, wincing in pain.

"No don't, Lady Saura," said Princess Luquasia.

The princess climbed off the back of my horse.

"Promise you will visit," said the Princess. "Promise me this isn't the last I will see of you."

 I knew not what to say. I simply smiled. I have never visited a virgin lady I have rescued from a dragon before. Princess Luquasia request was new to me.

The princess smiled back and began to walk toward her kingdom. She stopped turned around and ran back to me. She placed her foot on the stirrup stood up on the horse and kissed me.

"I will tell your tale Lady Saura and they could believe me or not."

The Princess climbed down and began to run towards her kingdom.

I stood underneath the tree. The same tree I waited under for payment for her rescue. I watched as the kingdom doors opened and welcomed with cheers her safe return.

Princess Luquasia was in the distance now, unable to see me clearly but she looked over her shoulder towards me as her people embraced her and smiled.

The End

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lady Saura, Slayer of Dragons - Chapter Twelve - The Yellow Tail

It felt like days after my battle with Yellow Tail in the skies.

I was weak and tired now that the fight was over,

As he lay on the grass motionless I climbed off of of him and began to stumble away. The adrenaline from the slaying was beginning to fade and I wanted to get back to Princess Luquasia as quickly as possible.

I worried about her, where had she gone, did she try to journey back home alone. did she try to walk back through the outlands. My fears turned to the image of her lying slain in the desert by the hands of some merciless savages who cared not that she was a frightened princess seeking home after the most horrid of waking nightmares.

I stumbled away from Yellow Tail half in another world. I was not yet ready to walk but I had to. I had to get back to her and make sure she knows that Yellow Tail is no more. That she is finally free from that beast of pure evil.

However, determined as I was I could not walk away fast enough to escape that ferocious appendage of Yellow Tail.

The appendage which I have chosen to name him after.

Without warning and with my complete surprise it rose from the rocky sands of the outlands and swung toward me with mighty force hitting me in the arm and knocking me a short distance back into the air then down again into a sand covered rock.

I hear the bones in my arm snap and I can feel the crack of my ribs.

I tried to breath but the pain of my lungs would not allow me to do so. All I could manage was a low wheeze which only caused the pain to grow more.

To make matters worse moving my head to lay eyes on the dragon prove to be even more difficult a pain of intensity seemed to take over my neck.

I laid still. With my back turned to Yellow Tail I could hear him putting every effort he had towards lifting himself up.

I reached towards the sword but it was to far away to grasp. I was defenseless against the dragon and I prepared to meet my end as I heard Yellow Tail take giant breaths mustering the strength to gather fire.

My last thoughts were toward my fallen husband his scarred face coming out of the darkness to rescue me from my caved prison. The eyes of all the dragons I have slain and the faces of the all the princesses and ladies and common woman I have saved from the dragons despite knowing their parents had no coin to pay for their safe return. My very last thought began on Princess Luquasia the latest in a long line of those I have saved but somehow the most impact full.

There was something special about Princess Luquasia. Something that caused the dragon Yellow Tail to break from his nature and pursue her at all cost as if she was his dragon egg stolen from him in the night.

As I lay slumped over, the pain becoming stronger, I closed my eyes. My last thought on Princess Luquasia. I hope she made it home. I hoped she was safe. I hoped Yellow Tail never finds her again. Soon after killing me I hoped he dies and Princess Luquasia goes on to live a full happy life and makes changes that will better this realm forever.

Unwilling to give up I reached once more for the blade but it was no use. My broken body would not allow for it and it was too late already. I could feel Yellow Tail  breathing on my back. In moments I was sure to be engulfed in flames.

It was then that I heard a faint sound in the distance. A sound barley heard by me but seemed to be heard by Yellow Tail in loud volumes.

I tuned my head as slowly as I could toward the sound, careful not to injure my neck further. In the vast distance standing in white amongst the desert sands of the out lands was Princess Luquasia yelling. The dragon crawled past me toward the princess screaming that horrid wail.

The princess continued to yell but I could not hear what she was saying. Was she yelling to me or the dragon.

I could see her walking closer as the dragon limped toward her. He was unable to fly do to the damage to his wings he sustained during our battle in the sky.

I knew then that I had to save her. Stop her from what ever she was doing. After all this I was not going to let it end with Yellow Tail taking her. The dragon was dying and I was going to make sure it finished dying.

I braced my broken ribs, stiffened my neck and let my broken arm hang as I rose to my feet. Breathing was painful but I was determined to rise, grab the sword and make my way towards Yellow Tail who seemed to ignore me in favor of the still yelling Princess Luquasia.

As I stumbled toward the dragon, his golden Yellow Tail swaying in the air behind him, Princess Luquasia's yell began to get louder. I slowly began to understand what the princess was yelling.

"Come, Yellow Tail! Come and take me!"

Princess Luquasia had decided to become brave and show the dragon no fear. A bold choice but I feared it was unwise.

I tried to yell to her but speaking only caused more pain.

It was then that the princess stopped yelling and from behind her back she revealed a rather large sword and with all her might she made a mad dash toward the limping Yellow Tail.

I reached out my hands in great fear. I motioned for her to stop but Princess Luquasia continued to charge.

Yellow Tail tried to breath fire. I could see his mouth widening, his lungs heaving but he could produce nothing. A long trail of blood followed his large scaly body with each step and his wing stretched and flapped horridly.

Yellow Tail tried once more to breath but the princess leaped from the ground to the top of Yellow Tail's head and stabbed the sword right between his eyes. I stopped surprised at this sight and for the second time in a day everything went black.

End of Chapter Twelve

Monday, October 6, 2014

Lady Saura, Slayer of Dragons - Chapter Eleven - To the Clouds with Yellow Tail

My first thought was the dragon, Yellow Tail had mistaken me for Princess Luquasia but as we flew higher I soon realized the dragon made no mistake but was attempting to get rid of my presence once and for all.

The massive gold tail held me by the waist but was slowly moving up to my chest removing the air from my lungs. It was then that I reached for my newly acquired sword and stabbed the dragon's bright yellow tail.

He let loose a horrid wail and loosened his grip on me. I breathed in deep and took another strike at the dragon's tail.

Yellow Tail, however, ignored my efforts and instead flew higher into the clouds. The air began to thin and despite Yellow Tail tail's removal from my lungs I found it hard to breath once more.

Yellow Tails plans for me became unclear. Was the dragon hoping to drop me to my death or perhaps he planed to suffocate me amongst the clouds.

I began to feel my body weaken. I watched in a daze as the blood from Yellow Tail's tail flowed from his open wounds and down to the distant world below. Despite this, he seemed to be getting stronger. More determined to journey me to the clouds and the mysterious world beyond them.

The grip of his tail seemed to be getting tighter once more.

I could feel my strength withering away in the wind and I knew it was only a matter of time before I expired under the grasp of the dragons golden tail. I had to conjure all of the strength I could to defeat the ferocious dragon.

I gripped the handle of the sword as tightly as I could and swung with all my might at the dragons sun painted tail.

It was then that he released me. But with a quick thrust of my wrist I jammed the sword in his tail allowing me to stay on by holding the protruding swords handle.

I then began to climb up Yellow Tails back causing him to move in agony as he tried to throw me off of him.

I knew that slaying yellow tail now would surely cause us to both fall to our deaths. But I also knew another chance at slaying Yellow Tail would be rare.

Still weak and struggling to stay atop of Yellow Tail I raised the sword high above my head and forced it back down into the base of Yellow Tail's back.

He roared in pain and let out a burst of fire that could ignite the sky.

The thrusts of my blade began to become too much for Yellow Tail and it caused him to slowly descent back down the earth below.

My strength was returning to me and with each new burst of energy I pushed the sword harder into the back of Yellow Tail.

Inches from the earth I could  hear the breath burst from his lungs and I could of bet with all the coin I had that Yellow Tail was dead.

End of Chapter Eleven

Monday, September 29, 2014

Lady Saura, Slayer of Dragons - Chapter Ten - The Trading Grounds

Whether slaved by dragon or man the torment is the same. You are a pet, property at the mercy of thy master's will and exist to only satisfy his or her's every need.

Lord Galtrak met this to be Princess Luquasia and mine's fate but I had different plans.

We were at the trading grounds. A part of the outlands used for tradings of good and services including people.

Lord Galtrak's men put us in a large cage filled with other woman. All of whom seem to come from lower families. Although they weren't ladies and princess such as Princess Luquasia and I they were no different than us. If I am  to free the princess and myself than these ladies I shall free as well.

It was nightfall and we were to be sold at daybreak. In the cover of night I planed to free us all from this unfortunate fate.

"How do you plan to free us?" asked a woman named Maulra. "Only the guard has a key and the cage is made of solid steel. I doubt you know the first step in rescuing us."

"Mind your tongue," said Princess Luquasia. "Lady Saura is a dragon slayer and earlier
this day she rescued me from a ferocious beast if anyone is to rescue us from these foul men it is Lady Saura.

"Princess you speak nonsense," said a women. "The existence of a woman dragon slayer is fantasy."

"Oh I assure you Lady Saura is a dragon slayer and she will save us all," said the princess. "Tell them Lady Saura. Tell them I speak the truth."

The truth I thought was that Maulra may be right. I was absent of my sword and armor. The cage was solid steel. Freeing us would not be a task of ease. But I dare not tell them that.

"The princess speaks the truth. I may be a lady but I am Saura, slayer of dragons and  I mean to free us all."

"And just how do you plan to do that, Saura, slayer of dragons?" said Maulra."

Maulra asked a good question. If I was to devise a plan to escape the proper time would be now. But it seemed fate had other plans.

The princess slowly approached me and whispered in my ear, "he's here."

I turned to her, confused. "Who's here, princess?"

"Yellow Tail."

Surely the princess's capture by the dragon Yellow Tail had made her delusional. I have not known a dragon to be that persistent in chasing a virgin.

"That can't be true, Princess Luquasia. I assure you Yellow Tail is long gone and set on other things. We have more urgent problems to attend to.

"I know he's here," said the princess. "I can feel it."

"Princess I assure you it is only fear you are feeling."

I spoke to soon. Just as the words left my mouth a loud scream was given in the distance followed by a bright light which I was most certain was a ball of fire.

"What was that?" asked one of the women.

More screams were let out from our captors. Always accompanied by a bright light. Then there was no mistaking it.

A man towards our cage covered in flames. A flame that did not go unrecognized by me. He was covered in the flames of a dragon's breath.

His hands grasped the bars of our cage. He stood inches from my face. Melting. I recognized him instantly it was Lord Galtrak's son.

He looked at me "dragon," he let out. "The dragon is killing everyone." With a blazing hand he handed me a key through the bars and fell dead from Yellow Tails breath.

"Dragon?" asked Maulra. "I don't fear the dragons, I haven't been a virgin for quite sometime nor have most of us."

"I'm pretty sure the men haven't either," said a woman. "But this dragon seems to be killing them all the same."

I could see the flames more clearer now. They were getting closer and the princess grabbed my arm. Illuminated by the moon light I could see him. His large scaly wings, his red eyes and his long golden tail.

"What are you waiting for, dragon slayer? Free us!" yelled Maulra.

I took the key handed to me by Lord Galtrak's son and opened the large cage door. The women burst out to their freedom and I grabbed the princess and followed suit

"Come, princess. We must hurry before he sees us."

"It is not sight that has allowed Yellow Tail to find me, Lady Saura. I fear it is smell. We will never be safe, never."

"We will," I assured her. "All I need to do is slay him."

 "How, Lady Saura? You haven't a sword."

"Than I shall get one."

"From where, Lady Saura?"

"From one of the fallen," I responded.

I reached down and removed a sword from the charred remains of a fallen tribesman.

"Lets go," I said the princess.

As I led Princess Luquasia away from the trading grounds I began to realize that there was no escaping this beast unless I slayed him.

I stopped and looked up towards the sky. Yellow Tail hovered there in mid air. Flapping hiss large wings, his large head turning left and right looking for the princess. He then flared his large reptilian nostrils and it was then that he smelled her and turned towards us. It was then that we locked eyes and he stared at me. If dragons faces can make the expression of human than I'm more than positive his face would convey a message of annoyance at the constant site of me.

Yellow Tail widened his large mouth and let out a large ferocious breath of fire. Then with the force of a strong wind and his eyes locked on mine he flew straight towards me as if falling out of the sky.

Princess Luquasia screamed as I made an attempt to slice him with my sword but the attempt failed. Yellow Tail moved his head slightly to the left and the sword missed his large head by inches but he continued to fly past me and instead wrapped his long golden tail around my waist and carried me toward the sky.

End of Chapter Eleven

Monday, September 22, 2014

Lady Saura, Slayer of Dragons - Chapter Nine - Lord Galtrak the Savage

Lord Galtrak and his men shoved Princess Luquasia and I into a cage attached to a wagon.

I wrapped my arm around the princess as she began to weep.

We were going back to the outlands to be sold and I began to fear that Yellow Tail was lying in wait by the forest.

Lord Galtrak's men had no knowledge of what they were in store for if my fears were true.

"Where are they taking us?" the princess whispered in my ear, as we journeyed through the forest.

"Back to the outlands," I responded.

"They can't, Lady Saura. What about Yellow Tail? He will kill us for sure."

"Fear not, princess. I will keep us safe."

I was unsure if keeping this oath to the princess would be possible. Lord Galtrak and his tribe of savages may be fools but they are still a significant threat to the princess and I. But the fear of a dragon is far more greater than the fear of savages.

"Lord Galtrak, you should know that it is unwise to be in our presence at this moment."

"Why is that, Lady Saura?" asked Lord Galtrak.

"We are in the sights of a vicious dragon. I fear he is waiting for the princess and I at the edge of the forest near the outlands.

"What a tale, Lady Saura. Dragons do not wait for princess. They hunt them.

"She speaks the truth!" screamed the princess. "I admit I lack knowledge in the ways of dragons but this dragon has shown an interest in me and surely if you take us back to the outlands he will kill you and your men."

"Lord Galtrak what are they talking about?" asked one of Lord Galtrak's men.

"You fool," Lord Galtrak responded. "They spin lies. Keep quiet and mind your duties."

In the distance I could see the dead sands of the outlands but between the trees I could not see the presence of Yellow Tail. I began to hope that Yellow Tail was long gone. That he had deiced to move on to find another virgin lady.

We entered the outlands from the forest and began journeying west.

"Where are you going to do with us?" I asked Lord Galtrak.

"I'm going to sell you of course. I doubt I will make much coin from you. A lady dragon slayer leads not much to be desired but the princess will surely make me a large sum. Or maybe I will give her back to her kingdom and fetch the reward for her safe return from the fire islands. That will gain me much coin I'm sure.

"You are a fool, Lord Galtrak."

"And soon my dear, Lady Saura I will be a rich fool.

The heat from the outlands was strong and I could feel myself weaken. The princess fared no better. She began to daze in and out. Keeping her alert was beginning to become to much of a task.

"Stay awake, princess."

"I cannot, Lady Saura. I am so tired"

"Be strong, princess. We will make it through this."

"I'll try, Lady Saura."

"Don't try, princess. Do."

"What of Yellow Tail?" asked Princess Luquasia.

"Will it return to take me again?" asked the princess.

"Fear not,  princess. If Yellow Tail wanted to take you he would have done so by now. The dragon has most likely returned to the fire islands and has forgotten all about you.

"I am thirsty, Lady Saura. I fear I will die of thirst."

"Lord Galtrak," I yelled.

"What is it now, Lady Saura."

"We require water."

"Worry not about water, Lady Saura. When we arrive at the trading grounds you will have more than enough water. We will keep you nice and fed so you can appear well for potential buyers."

"The trading grounds are nearly half a day away the princess will die from the heat before we reach them and your dreams of coin will vanish.

"Stop!" yelled Lord Galtrak.

"What is it, Lord Galtrak?" asked one of Lord Galtrak's men.

'"We must nourish our product for fear they will kill over from the heats of the outlands," Lord Galtrak responded.

As one of Lord Galtrak's men approached the cage in which we were kept I had thoughts toward attacking him, killing Lord Galtrak, his men and their horses and taking Princess Luquasia with me to safety but the flames of the bright sun had weakened me and the pain from my back wound began to return from the cramped space of the cage. I had hopes that the water would return my strength and give me the ability to save us both.

The princess held the goblet over her mouth and drank as much of the water as she could.

"Save some for Lady Saura my dear princess," said Lord Galtrak's man.

He snatched the goblet from the princess and handed it to me.

I drank as much as I could.

Lord Galtrak's man reached for it.

I grabbed him by the wrist and he stared at me with intense eyes a bit of fear hidden in them.

"Let him go!" yelled Lord Galtrak.

He removed his sword and inserted it in between the bars straight towards the Princess Luquasia.

"Let him go or I will slit her precious royal throat."

I held on tight to the man's wrist,  preparing to snap it.

"I just want another drink of water," I said.

"I will slit her throat, Lady Saura."

"As if you care more for your man here than you do coin."

"I care when the man is my son, Lady Saura."
I looked towards Lord Galtrak and he truly seemed frightened for the young man. I could also tell he truly met to do the princess harm. I took another sip from the canteen and handed it back to the frightened son of Lord Galtrak. I released his hand and he pull it back towards him quickly. he then looked at his father and slapped me across the face making sure to quickly close the cage right afterwords.

"No more problems from you, Lady Saura," said Lord Galtrak. "Or it will be your throat I will slit."

As the carts moved on towards the trading grounds the princess embraced me tighter.

"I'm scared, Lady Saura," said Princess Luquasia. "I'm trying not to be but I'm really scared."

End of Chapter Nine

Monday, September 15, 2014

Lady Saura, Slayer of Dragons - Chapter Eight - By the River

I awoke laying over the back of my horse. I was unsure how I got there or who was riding my horse. When I turned my head I could see the back of Princess Luquasia.

I opened my mouth to speak but found myself absent of voice.

"Lady Saura. You're awake," said the princess. "Speak not. I will get you some water."

It was then that I looked up to see we were riding along side a river in the forest.

Princess Luquasia stopped the horse alongside the riverbank and steeped down.

I began to climb off Lavros but found it difficult.

"Let me help you down, Lady Saura," the princess said.

The Princess held on to my waist to keep my steady.

I then began to feel dizzy and stumbled back into Princess Luquasia. My back was whole but it felt as if it had been sliced in two by the dragon's talon.

"Sit, Lady Saura," said the princess. She helped me to sit on the forest ground. "I will fetch us some water by the river."

Princess Luquasia removed a water pail from my belt and walked down towards the river.

My back began to seize burning already it was beginning to heal. I removed my armor from my upper body and loosened my shirt. I placed my hand up the back of my shirt and felt for the scar. I winced in pain when I finally reached it. I removed my hand quickly from my wound and stared at the blood on the tip of my finger.

Princess Luquasia returned from the river with a full pain and handed it to me. The princess took sight of my bloody finger and her face twisted in disgust.

"Oh the sight of blood has always frightened my," said the princess. "Worry not, Lady Saura. My father will see to it that your wounds are treated properly."

I took a drink of the water and poured some of it on my fingers to wash the blood away.

"I can not," I said.

"You can not what, Lady Saura?"

"I can not be seen by your father. I can not be known."

"Because you are a lady?"

"Fear not, Lady Saura. Once my father the lord king hears tale of my heroic rescue he will not pay attention to the matter of you being a lady."

"He may not but others surely will."

"Well I know your a lady and I care not. If not for you, Lady Saura I would of surley never been rescued from that Yellow Tailed monster."

I did not share in Princess Luquasia's optimism. I've seen many a female warrior fall victim to the jealousy of men.

"I must clean my wound," I said.

"That is a great thought, Lady Saura," said the princess. "We shall bathe before arriving at my kingdom. Come I will help you."

The princess lifted my arm over her shoulder and led me to the river.

Princess Luquasia and I removed our garments until we were completely bare. We then walked into the river to bathe.

"It has been ages since I have felt water on my skin," said the princess. "This is a welcome change to the heat of the beast's cave. Turn you back toward me Lady Saura. I will help to clean your wound."

I placed my long braid over my shoulder and and turned my back towards the princess.  She stared in shock as she noticed the many scars I have acquired from dragon slaying.

"Lady Saura you have the wounds of a knight," she said.

The princess began to pour water on my back. I could feel it flowing down across my long fresh wound. 

"Lady Saura?"

"Yes, Princess Luquasia," I responded.

"How did you become a dragon slayer?" she asked.

She pulled my braid from over my shoulder and began to unravel it.

"It is a long horrid tale, princess."

"You know my tale, Lady Saura. Tell me yours."

Princess Luquasia was right I did know her tale and so few people knew mine. It would be a great release to be able to tell it.

"Fine Princess Luquasia I will tell you my tale." As the princess began to pour water over my hair I told her my story.

"I was a lady of the House Alcourt. A virgin of fifteen. One day I was playing in the forest. Chasing butterflies with a catcher.  I could hear the screams of a dragon but at such a young age I know not the screams of a dragon and mistook the sound for a rather large bird." The princes began to tie my long hair back into a braid."But it was not a bird it was a dragon of emerald green with golden flecks amongst its many scales. And he used his long tail to capture me. He then took me away from the forest then over the vast dead outlands and to the dark caves of the fire islands."

"Were you rescued?" she asked.

"Of course, Princess. By a dragon slayer of the name Rothello."

"Was he handsome, Lady Saura?" asked the princess.

"He was," I smiled. "He had a rather large burn from a dragon's breath across his face but it made him appear fierce and exciting. Rothello was in the dragon's cave looking for gold but when he saw me he came to my rescue instead. I fell in love with him instantly and he took my hand in marriage. He taught me the ways of dragon slaying, amongst other things.

"Where is your Rothello now, Lady Saura?" asked the princess. She grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me towards her. A smile on her face.

"He is gone," I said. "Killed many moons ago by a dragon. I dragon I have slayed in my dreams many a night.

"That's horrible, Lady Saura," she said. Her smile fading.

"It was a long time ago," I said with a smile. "Come, Princess. I feel much better now. Let's return to your kingdom."

I held her by her hand and lead her out of the river onto the fresh green grass.

We got dressed and headed back to my horse when something felt different. I turned around looking in every direction.

"What is it, Lady Saura?" asked the princess.

"Well, well, well," said a voice. "If it isn't, Lady Saura, slayer of dragons and a virgin princess."

I recognized the owner of the voice instantly. It was Lord Galtrack, leader of one of the many tribes of the outlands.

He removed himself from behind a tree along with many others of his tribe.

The princess clenched my arm tight.

"I'm afraid we have a problem, Lady Saura. You didn't pay for protection," he said with a sadistic smirk.

End of Chapter Eight

Monday, September 8, 2014

Lady Saura, Slayer of Dragons - Chapter Seven - The Return of Yellow Tail

It was a long effort but I was finally able to get the Princess Luquasia to sleep.

As the princess rested by the fire I began to ponder her story. The princess told it with great conviction and I felt the truth in it. However, the actions she told of Yellow Tail were unusual for a dragon. In all my seasons of dragon slaying I have never heard of a dragon slaying their virgins to make room for only one. Although I did find it strange to find only the princess in the company Yellow Tail. Dragons with the power and size of Yellow Tail are know for keeping many virgins and pieces of gold in their caves. And a dragon with the reputation of Yellow Tail would surely have many virgins and pieces of gold.

I soon convinced myself that her tale was born out of delusion, bought on by being captured instead of truth. I chose to trust in my years of dragon slaying instead of Princess Luquasia's tale. That was of course until I heard the powerful flaps of a dragon's wings.

Surely it was the sound of another dragon I thought. On his way to one of the many kingdoms to capture a virgin lady. Or perhaps to obtain a some gold. Surely the tale of Princess Luquasia can not be of truth I hoped. But the tale was true and before my eyes I saw the great body of Yellow Tail eclipse the moon. His Yellow Tail bringing light to the darkness. My blade still protruding from his belly.

As Yellow Tail approached with rapid speed Princess Luquasia awoken from her sleep.

"No!" she screamed. "It's coming for me, Lady Saura. It's coming for me."

Absent from my blade I dared not stay to battle the dragon. I grabbed the princess by the wrist and led her to my noble steed, Lavros. We climbed on top of him and with one crack of the reigns we rode as quickly as we can with Yellow Tail still approaching us.

I rode Lavros as fast I could unsure if he could handle the speed. Yellow Tail began to scream as he flapped massive just above us. He began to stretch out his long talons, reaching for the princess.

"It's going to get me," said the princess. "Please don't let it get me."

It was then a thought occurred to me.

"Reach for my blade," I yelled.

"I can't see your sword, Lady Saura."

"It's in Yellow Tail," I responded.

"What? I can't, Lady Saura. I can't."

"You have to, Princess Luquasia. Yellow Tail will kill us both if you don't."

I took no pleasure in scaring the princess but with out her assistance this rescue would have been a short one.

Yellow Tail screamed as the princess reached for my blade lodged in the dragon's belly. I held on tight to my reigns as the princess held tight on to me.

"I can't Saura. I can't reach it!" she screamed.

Yellow Tail was growing more enraged. His efforts to grab the Princess Luquasia from my horse proved to be a challenge for him.

"You must, princess," I said. "You must are the dragon will take you again."

The princess reached and I watched as her fingers lightly grazed the hilt of my sword. She reached farther spreading her arm out as far as she could. Then she grabbed the handle of the sword and with one quick pull she removed it from the belly of Yellow Tail.

We screamed in excitement as Yellow Tail roared in pain and used his ferocious wings to thrust himself further into the air.

In the distance I could see the mighty trees of the forest where the outlands ended. I knew that if I could just get under those trees It would make it difficult for Yellow Tail to get around them enough to recapture the princess. Despite his persistence of her surely he would know it wise to give up.

I looked towards the sky anticipating the return of Yellow Tail but the sky was blank o his presence. It seemed Yellow Tail had finally had enough. Then as of out of thin air Yellow Tail flew at rapid speed out of the sky and clawed me across the back as we entered the forest.

I began to grow dizzy as I watched the dragon scream in frustration at his inability to fit in between the tall trees of the forest to finish his pursuit of us.

It was then that everything went black.

End of Chapter Seven

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lady Saura, Slayer of Dragons - Chapter Six - The Tale of Princess Luquasia

The Princess Luquasia and I had been riding all day when night began to fall over the sky. We began to feel tired and it was on two occasions that the Princess Luquasia almost fell of Lavros due to exhaustion.  I decided we were at a safe distance from the fire islands. Far enough to set camp for the night before our days ride to Princess Luquasia's kingdom of Landwall.

As the princess lay asleep I started a fire to keep us warm and fed my horse some corn and water. While doing this I realized it must have been ages since the princess ate and drink and I decided it was important to wake the princess up for fear she would die in her sleep of starvation.

I shook her shoulder gently as not to startle her even more and held a hand full of corn out for her. She took to my hand quickly consuming the small pile of corn straight from my palm. I had to pull the water away from her soon after, for fear she would drank it all to quell her dry thirst.

"Who are you?" the princess asked.

She began to once again devour as much food as she could.

"Easy," I said. "This food must last us a days ride.

"Who are you?" she asked again.

"I am Lady Saura, slayer of dragons."

"A dragon slayer. But you are a lady."

"Of this, I'm well aware."

"I find it hard to fathom that my father would purchase the services of a lady dragon slayer."

"As far as you father knows, princess he still hasn't."

"The dragon is dead then? You slayed it?"

"No. I'm afraid not."

"No. I saw you sword pierce it's belly. Surly you are mistaken, Lady Saura."

"I'm afraid it takes more than a sword in the belly to slay a dragon," I responded.

That's when I realized I made a grave error after rescuing the princess from the clutches of Yellow Tail. I forgot to retrieve my sword from the dragon's belly. The absence of the sword will make us vulnerable to the elements of The outlands. But I dared not tell the Princess Luquasia this.

The Princess Luquasia rose from the ground. "Then surly he it will come after me again. That vile beast will take me again." She began to pace the desert sands back and forth, lost in a panic.

"Fear not, Princess Luquasia. The dragon, Yellow Tail, will not come this far into the outlands for an escaped virgin princess. He will most likely move on and search the lands for other virgin ladies to capture.

"No," she said. "You don't understand. This Yellow Tail as you call him is obsessed with me. It will never let me go."

She began to walk towards Lavros.

"Come!" she yelled. "Come, lady dragon slayer. We must ride to my kingdom before the dragon approaches.

I could understand not Princess Luquasia's sudden panic. In all my years of dragon slaying I have yet to hear of one who showed affection for a specific virgin lady or piece of gold. I was positive the Princess Luquasia was mistaken in her fright.

I ran to the princess and held her arm before she could mount Lavros.

"Calm yourself, Princess Luquasia. Dragons do not become obsessed."

"You understand not, Lady Saura."

Princess Luquasia calmed herself. She once again sat upon the desert floor. It was then that she began her horrid tale, tears gently flowing down her rosy cheeks.

"There were many of them when I arrived at it's cave."

"Many of what?" I asked.

"Virgins, Lady Saura. Many of them. And it... killed them all. That bright Yellow Tail, covered in blood. I thought for sure I was to be slayed next. But it didn't. It left me alone when it was done slaughtering them. Then it devoured their bodies. It licked its cave floor clean of their blood. It kept me there. And every once in a while it would rise up to smell me. It would place it's nose directly in front of me and inhale. Those instances seemed to last forever. It seemed to wanted me and only me. We must go, Lady Saura. We must go before the dragon me again."

End of Chapter Seven

Monday, August 25, 2014

Lady Saura, Slayer of Dragons - Chapter Five - Leaving Fire Island

I carried the Princess Luquasia over my shoulder, away from Yellow Tail's cave. It was then that I heard the piercing sound of a dragon's scream. I turned to see the giant scaly face of Yellow Tail poke his head out of his large cave.

The Princess Luquasia began to stir in my grasp. Her eyes opened slowly. She was weakened from her days in captivity. She looked over my shoulder to see the bright eyes of the dragon and she let out a scream that rivaled Yellow Tail's wail.

I held her over my shoulder tight and ran as fast as I could down the rocky hill. My faithful steed Lavros waited below ready to carry us out of the burned dry island.

I turned my head back to gain full sight of Yellow Tail. Yellow Tail's wings were spread out and with two quick flaps of them Yellow Tail head taken flight and was above us a great distance. The Princess Luquasia screamed loudly at the sight of him and braced me as hardly as I braced her.

Towards the end of the path I could see my faithful horse Lavros, waiting patiently. Yellow Tail was above us now and I feared at any moment he would release the full fury of his dragon's breath. Or if not on I and the Princess Luquasia then on my faithful horse of golden brown.

To my surprise Yellow Tail did not release the full fury of his Dragon's Breath. Instead he hovered above us and stretched his claws out. Yellow Tail was preparing to recapture the princess.

I released the Princess Luquasia to the molting ground and unsheathed my sword. The princess screamed and ran down the hill towards Lavros. But instead of coming towards me as expected, Yellow Tail instead, flew towards the running princess. With my sword in hand I chased after the flying dragon waving my sword in the air in hopes of scaring away the large dragon. It was then that Yellow Tail decided to release the full force of his dragon breath.

The ball of fire eclipsed Yellow Tail. With one flick of my wrist I released my shield from by back and shielded myself from the hot flames of Yellow Tail's breath.

I've been burned by dragon's fire before and it's intense. Dragon fire is more powerful than fire born of wood.

When the fire of the dragon vanished I unshielded myself to see the Yellow Tail snapping his long talons at the Princess Luquasia. He was trying with all his might to capture the princess in his grasp once again.

It was then that I threw my sword into the belly of Yellow Tail. Yellow Tail, in pain, flew away from the princess and into the side of a mountain. The dragon hit the mountain with such force that it cause him to loose consciousness and fall to the burnt road.

The princess smiled at the sight and climbed on to Lavros. I followed suit and the Princess Luquasia braced my back as we rode past the sleeping Yellow Tail and out of the fire islands over the bridge and into the vast desert known as The outlands.

End of Chapter Five

Monday, August 18, 2014

Lady Saura, Slayer of Dragons - Chapter Four - The Cave of Yellow Tail

Most think in order to rescue a virgin or claim a handful of gold one must slay a dragon but the truth is many slayers have received great riches by never slaying a dragon. The ability of stealth and trickery is usually all that is needed when dealing with dragons. Most dragons have two many ladies and too much gold to keep a watchful eye on all. All that is required is to locate the princess and hope that the eyes of the dragon are turned on other matters and sneak away with her in to the night. For dragons it is out of sight, out of mind.

When I approached the cave of Yellow Tail I expected to hear the screams of many but was surprised to hear none.  For a dragon with a representation such as Yellow Tail this was most confusing. All I could hear was a lady crying and the heavy breathing of a beast. A sleeping beast.

Yellow Tail was asleep and the Princess Luquasia was left unattended.

I steadied myself and prepared to enter the cave.

She was standing there, the Princess Luquasia. Dirt covered most of her. Her cheeks were moist from tears and her hair was long and matted but it was her.

Before her laid Yellow Tail. A giant dragon of green and a tale of blinding yellow. It laid across its cave floor directly in front of her and me.

Princess Luquasia appeared asleep as she lay against the side of the cave wall. Her hair blowing in the air at each exhale of the dragon's heavy breathing.

I was unsure of my next move. It was important not to startle the princess for fear she will wake the dragon in her excitement of her apparent rescue.

I unsheathed my sword and approached the princess with steady caution. She laid sobbing, unaware of my presence. When I reached her I moved my hand across her cheek gently, startling her.

"Princess," I whispered.

She did not respond. She instead stared at me blankly unable to tell if this was real.

"Princess," I repeated.

Her eyes began to flutter and slowly began to rise to her feet.

"Princess are you okay?" I asked her in a soft whisper.

She looked at me. Her bright brown eyes starring daggers into me. Then her eyes fluttered,, closed shut and she slowly drifted back to the ground, having fainted.

Many years as a dragon slayer has increased my strength more than most ladies. I was able to lift the Princess Luquasia over my shoulder and remove her from the hostile cave of the dragon Yellow Tail.

As I carried the princess toward the cave exit I took one last look back at the ferocious dragon. I studied him as he lay asleep in the dark cave. My next move will be to carry the princess as quickly as I can out of the cave and out of fire islands without the dragon Yellow Tail's knowledge. I knew that if I could preform this simple task than the threat of Yellow Tail would be of no consequence to me.

End of Chapter Four

Monday, August 11, 2014

Lady Saura, Slayer of Dragons - Chapter Three - The Fire Islands

It is said that in the middle of the fire islands there is a throne and on the throne sits the charred body of Ragu, the former lord of the fire islands.

Its mountainous caves made it the perfect the home for the dragons and after knights and dragon slayers moved them from their homes they took to the fire islands then known as Ladena Island. It is said that they took it over by burning the lord of Ladena to death who refused to leave his throne to the dragons.

At night you can hear the screams and cries of the virgin ladies, kidnapped by the dragons and by day you can hear the roar of the dragons breath and see the flames burning in the air.

One of the challenges of rescuing a lady from a dragon's cave is finding the right dragons cave. There are many dragons and even more ladies in need of rescue. Some dragon slayers simply come to the fire islands, find a lady who appears to be of great wealth, rescues her and returns her to her home in hope of a great bounty. Some run the risk of going straight for a dragons gold. Which is not advised, because dragons protect the sight and smell of gold much more than they protect the smell of  virgins. A breath of fire is never spared when it is for the golden shine of gold. Other slayers, like myself, take specific bounties to rescue specific ladies. Payment is much higher due to the risk and the difficulty in finding the specific lady. These dragon slayers have great knowledge of the island and if the detail of the dragon given is specific enough finding the dragon becomes less of a challenge. Experienced dragon slayers of the fire islands know exactly what caves belong to which dragon.

The princess of Landwall was taken by a well described dragon. The dragon was described as being large and green with a tail of golden yellow. A large dragon with a yellow tail is well know amongst dragon slayers. He has captured many a lady and is possessor of mounds of gold. I know the cave of this Yellow Tail well and a bounty this high is well worth the rescue.

The closer I come to the cave of this Yellow Tail the more I hear the screams of captured ladies. Screams of fear and terror. But I must block those sounds from my ears. I come only seeking the rescue of one lady. For more than one will be to greedy and the overwhelming effort to rescue more than one will surely be my downfall.

I must remember I seek only the princess of Landwall. The Princess Luquasia. She has been described to me as dark of hair, this of face with eyes of brown. When taken by Yellow Tail she was dressed in the color of the clouds and a headband of silver lay on her head.

It will be hard to ignore the cries of the other ladies trapped by Yellow Tail but I must do so if I am to successfully rescue the princess and collect my bounty.

End of Chapter Three

Monday, August 4, 2014

Lady Saura, Slayer of Dragons - Chapter Two - The Outlands

The outlands are a barren land.

It's filled with desert sands and savage tribes that do nothing but rape and pillage nearby villages.

The outlands are avoided at all cost.

At the center of the outlands exist the fire caves of fire island. The dwellings of the most ferocious of dragons.

A place I have journeyed to many times.

The outlands are ruled by nomadic tribes. One such tribe is called the Rukrons. In order to survive the outlands it is necessary for me to pay them for protection

"Saura, slayer of dragons," said Lord Galtrak, ruler of the Rukrons. "You have returned. What fair lady do you seek to rescue this time?"

"That is a matter of extreme privacy, Lord Galtrak," I responded. It is not wise to tell another the bounty you seek for fear you may be speaking to competition who may want to still reward right from under you.

"Yes, of course. Lord Galtrak is well aware, but I'm afraid I have some bad news, Saura."

"And what is this bad news, Lord Galtrak?"

"I'm afraid the price of protection through the outlands has doubled."

"And why is that, Lord Galtrak?" I asked.

"War, my lady Saura. We are at war with our neighboring tribes. Getting you to the fire islands will be at great risk to you and to us as well."

"Well I'm sorry, Lord Galtrak but double is to steep a price for me to pay."

"Well then, Lady Saura I'm afraid we won't be able to assist you on this journey. Maybe you should turn back and return when things or better."

"I'll take the risk, Lord Galtrak."

"A huge risk to take for a captured lady. The bounty must be high, yes. Surely you can part with double for safe passage."

"I'm sorry, Lord Galtrak but I rather not."

"Well, Lady Saura it's your risk to take," said Lord Galtrak. He gave me a sinister smile and waved bye as I rode away on Lavros.

Lord Galtrak was never a friend and therefore has never earned my trust and if there was anytime I could trust Lord Galtrak it would not be now. I wasn't sure if Lord Galtrak was telling the truth about war between the outland tribes. All I knew was money was hard to come by in the outlands and it stood to reason that trickery was at hand to receive more coin from me.

Never the less I will have to journey to the fire islands alone and pray to the gods the outland tribes are unaware of my presence on the way there and back.

End of Chapter Two

Monday, July 28, 2014

Lady Saura, Slayer of Dragons - Chapter One - The Dragon Slayer

The dragon's tail clenched my waist tight. I could not breath. I screamed but I was to high above ground for anyone to hear. I knew not the dragon's intentions for me and my mind ran wild with fear.

But that was years ago. I do not fear the dragon now. I slay them.

Maulron is my proxy. Most kings and lords will not accept a female dragon slayer so I use him as my face. And a good face he makes. Maulron is a blacksmith. His body is full of burns and scars. He is black of hair and his eyes are as blue of ice. A great look for a dragon slayer.

Where as I am small of frame. With hair the color of night and eyes the color of emeralds. I look as I am, a lady of Fenherra.. Not a slayer of dragons as I am as well. 

As I wait under a large tree, outside of the kingdom walls, Maulron meets with the king of Landwall. The king's daughter has been taken by a Yellow Tailed dragon two full moons ago and he has not been able to rescue her.

Dragons love the smell of gold and virgin girls. They kidnapped them from the many kingdoms and tribes and carry them by tail to caves high in the outlands.

Many men have died by dragon fire trying to rescue their loved ones. But men of wealth at no risk to them choose dragon slayers to rescue their virgin daughters. Men trained in the slaying of dragons.

But no male dragon slayer is more skilled than I. For I have rescued many a virgin ladies starting with myself so many seasons ago.

Maulron returned on his horse of white as I sat on my horse of brown. Who I have named Lavros.

Lavros, my faithful horse, has carried me on his back away from many vengeful dragons.

"What is the king's offer, Maulron?" I asked.

"He offers her weight in gold my, Lady Saura."

"Really? His absence from her must be hard felt."

"I'm sure it is, my lady. Shall I accompany you on your ride to the outlands?" asked Maulron.

"No, Maulron. That won't be necessary. As usual, I will give a part of my payment for your services."

I sent Maulron on his way and began my journey to the outlands.

End of Chapter One

Monday, July 21, 2014

My Archnemesis, Captain Comet

            “It’s not like I wanted to actually be a supervillain,” I explained as I sat nervously behind two inches of glass.  “I mean…  I had plans. I actually had realistic goals in life. It’s all Captain Comet’s fault. Arrest him.  I’m not even sure why I’m considered a supervillain. Sure, I can turn invisible, but it’s not like I want to take over the world, rule a country, cause major chaos or run a crime syndicate.”
            No matter how long I talked, the cops weren’t listening. In fact, they were ignoring me completely. I knew this because they kept leaving the room. It seemed my story was falling on deaf ears. So, I begin to tell my story to anyone who listened.
            My name is Kyle McMullan. Before I was moved into my new four by four home for supervillains I used to live in a real house like real people. It wasn’t much but it was mine. It had brick walls, hard wood floors and a scent of cigarettes and cologne. Pictures of family members I can’t stand and hot babes plastered over the walls. Shag carpets that cuddled my feet and expensive items that weren’t always mine.
            Where I’m from, you pretty much only have two career choices. You can either become a cop or a construction worker. So naturally, I decided to become a career criminal. It didn’t matter the product. If you wanted it, I could get it for you. I could get you drugs, booze, cars, or televisions. Hell, if you wanted a cat I could probably get you that too. Some people called that stealing. I called it relocating.
            “I’m in relocation,” I would say to anyone who asked my profession.
            “What do you relocate?” they would respond.
            “It depends on what you want,” I would answer.
            But like the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. And what ended that good thing you ask. Some people call them saviors. Others call them godsends. I like to call them super zeros.
            With superheroes flying around the city, it became a lot harder to earn an honest living as a thief. I mean relocater. You couldn’t steal so much as toothpaste without them lifting you out of the sky and giving you a go-straight-to-jail-card. The weird thing about it is they don’t even get paid for it. They seek pleasure in Justice. How pathetic is that?
            I hate superheroes. What civilized adult walks around in the tightest clothing imaginable even if it’s freezing cold out, and decides to fight for justice? Fight for justice? What is justice? Superheroes think they know, but they don’t.  Justice to them is whatever they think is right.  It’s not like these guys were trained in law enforcement. I bet half of them don’t even know what they’re doing is illegal.
            It was a superhero who made me a supervillain in the first place. His name is Captain Comet. I guess he thinks he’s the captain of comets. And talk about tight costumes. This guy had a costume so tight you can see the outline of his unmentionables. Wavy black hair, strong chin and abnormally white teeth. Why is it only the good looking people become superheroes? I’ve seen quite a lot of ugly cops in my day, trust me. Oh and of course he couldn’t be a complete dunce without his long orange cape, which of course serves no real purpose. He probably thought it looked cool while he flew.
            Freezing cold night. The noise of the city drowned out the sound of me ripping copper wire from an abandoned building, the most expensive product that you can relocate. This place was completely abandoned. It smelled like the forgotten. Who would care what I was doing? Suddenly overhead is a loud WHOOSH!
            “Good evening citizen,” he said. Citizen? I mean come on, who talks like that? “May I ask what you’re doing on this fine evening?
            “No,” I said, “Now get lost.”
            “I’m afraid I can’t do that, young man.” Young man? We’re the same age.
            “And why is that?” I asked, pulling the last of the copper wire out of the wall.
            “Well, because you are stealing,” said Captain Comet.
            Oh and did I mention that the whole time this conversation was going on he had his hands on his hips. Who does this guy think he is, Peter Pan?
            “Well, if it bothers you so much then call the cops.”
            “I’m afraid if you don’t put that copper wire back, I’m going to have to take you back to jail.”
            If I wasn’t so busy laughing at him I probably could have gotten away.  But, I mean, come on. This guy was a joke. The only super power this guy has was the ability to fly like a comet.  He can fly like a comet. That’s why he calls himself Captain Comet. Now I get it. Anyway I underestimated him and here’s what happened.
             First he punched me in the face. I lost two teeth. Then he punched me in the stomach. I couldn’t breathe for ten whole seconds. And lastly he did some sort of football tackle that felt like a car or truck. All I could smell was blood. I didn’t even know it had a smell. Now in case I haven’t told you before. I’m not some skinny punk by any stretch of the imagination. I mean, I work out. But, Captain Comet worked out.  But, in my defense, he did sucker punch me. I’m sure of it. 
            Now, I agree that everything up too this point was my fault. Sure, he had no right to enforce that law on me, but I had no right to break it. But you see at this point I’m just a dumb criminal. It’s completely Captain Comet’s fault that I’m a dangerous supervillian.
            “Put me down!” I yelled as he flew me over the bright city.
            “Sorry, pal,” he said. “It’s the law for you.”
             I’ve never been that high before. The wind was swishing by me. It was beautiful up there but cold. The night sky reflected off the glass buildings. The lights lit up the city in a way I’ve never seen before. And from this high up the city never smelled so nice. It almost seemed silent and peaceful.  I began to feel something I’ve never felt before, guilt. I felt like a complete idiot for contributing so much pain to a beautiful city. I was this close to going straight.  Then my shirt ripped and he dropped me. Damn superheroes. What gives them the right?
          I land in a chemical plant, of all places up to my neck in chemical waste. The toxic green sight that resembled glowing vomit made me queasy. It felt like my skin was burning off. I regained consciousness moments later and Captain Comet was nowhere to be found. I was pretty out of it and the walk home was a blur. That long walk home and I still didn’t realize I was turning invisible.
            After screaming at the top of my lungs and smoking two packs of cigarettes I realized that this wasn’t a bad thing. Being invisible made my job as a relocater a hell of a lot easier. Only this time I wasn’t stealing for myself. Why would I? Who needs money when I can just take what I want. Paying for penny candy felt insulting. And let me tell you something. There is nothing more fun than scaring the living crap out people. Watching them scream in horror as they watched their new fifty inch flat screen T.Vs float away, gave me the delight of a little child with an ice cream cone.
           Being invisible gave me pleasures I never knew before. Like free rent. My land lady was so convinced a ghost was living in the apartment she never set foot on the floor again.
             “Kyle, is that you in there?” she asked one time. “Kyle McMullan, are you in there?”
              "Arghhhh!” She screamed so loud my ears hurt for a week. It was so worth it, though.
             I was infamous. “The Invisible Man Strikes Again!” the headlines say. I couldn’t get enough of it. Watching eye witness testimony on the news made me laugh hysterically. The press and the fame were going straight to my head. I felt invincible. I began to think that no one could touch me.  How could I’ve been so stupid?
             One Saturday, I decided to drive around the city with my top down.  Of course I didn’t have a car, so I stole a shiny red Pontiac Firebird. The car I always wanted. Shiny chrome wheels. Shiny glass windows. Everything was just shiny. I didn’t even have to hot wire it, like the old days. The former owner was half way down the street seconds after I took the keys out of his pocket. A car driving itself was definitely an interesting sight. Life was good. Then out of nowhere came Captain Comet.
            “Invisible man?” asked Captain Comet. “I believe you’re driving in a stolen car.”
            “Oh, no. Not you again. Go away,” I said.
            “Not you again?” he asked. “Have we met before?”
            “You dropped me, remember?”
            “Oh it’s you… sorry,” he said.
             “Leave me alone,” I said, “I’m not going to let you rain on my parade.”
            “I’m afraid I’m going to have to storm on your parade, Invisible Man,” he said.
            Storm on my parade? Who talks like that? I couldn’t believe it. This guy dropped me in to a chemical plant. The least he could do was let me have a free pass.
           “Listen, you maniac,” I said. “I’m driving around 100 miles an hour. You mind leaving me alone so I won’t crash, Captain Comet?”
            “I have no intentions of killing you,” he assured me.
            “You mean you have no intentions of killing me again,” I corrected him.
            “Your shirt ripped. I didn’t mean for you to fall,” he said.
            “Alright, I believe you,” I said. “Why don’t you just buzz off and we’ll call it even.”
             Captain Comet replied, “I do regret our last encounter but I’m afraid I can’t do that.”
             “Dude, you totally suck.” 
             Then he grabbed me out of the car and I watch it speed 100 miles an hour into a tree.            
             These superheroes do more damage than they do saving. I mean, what’s the point of catching a thief for stealing property if you’re just going to let the property get damaged? What a dummy. 
             Once again I found myself being flown to jail. Only this time he made me hold on to his back so I wouldn’t fall again. By the way, I forgot to mention, I didn’t have invisible clothes, too. 
             “But I’m naked, man!” I exclaimed.
             “Safety first, citizen,” he said.
              So here I am, naked, in a special wing for super criminals. I’m currently awaiting trial for about a million counts of grand larceny. The guards carry tasers and the cells are made of unbreakable glass. Shockingly, it smells nice and not like pee, which is the usual aroma.  It’s the cleanest and nicest cell I’ve ever been in and a special thermal monitor is hooked up next to it so they can see my heat signature in all its glory. They’re definitely putting the taxpayer’s money to work.  Tomorrow the headlines will probably read “Captain Comet Ends Invisible Man’s Reign of Terror!” My bail will be denied because I’m a flight risk.
             However, I’m not worried. You can’t prosecute and convict what you can’t see. I’ll be back. And I will have my revenge on Captain Comet.
              “You hear me people!” I screamed for the world to hear. "I will have my revenge on Captain Comet!”

The End

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Mighty Sir Zaychos

Once upon a time there was a princess named Princess Nizmerella who lived in the beautiful land of Fenherra. She had mid back long hair, ruby red lips, and bright green almond shaped eyes. Needless to say Princess Nizmerella was the most beautiful girl in the land and the world for that matter.

From kingdom to kingdom all the young princes wanted her hand in marriage. They would dress in the finest suits, ride the finest horses and carry the finest bunch of flowers, all with the hope of winning the princess’s affection. But she wanted none of them.

Their lives seemed boring and uninteresting to the princess. She wanted excitement and adventure which is exactly what the Dark Lord was going to give her. The Dark Lord was the cruelest and evilest wizard in all the land and he wanted complete control of Fenherra. 

However, in order to achieve this he would need to marry Princess Nizmerella. Of course for him this was no horrible rule. Princess Nizmerella was beautiful.

One day Princess Nizmerella sat in front of her giant mirror and did her long hair when loud screams came from the rest of the castle.

Whatever is the matter,” she wondered.

She ran as fast her feet could carry her into the court of the castle where she discovered bodies on top of bodies burnt to a crisp.

“Hello my fair lady,” said a dark and sinister voice.

Princess Nizmerella turned to see the Dark Lord accompanied by a very large and vicious looking dragon with smoking breath. The Dark Lord was incredibly handsome which of course gave him great reason to be completely arrogant and self absorbed.

“I am the Dark Lord Cassius,” he said. “And I’m here to take your hand in marriage.”

“And what makes you think I want your hand in marriage,” she said.

“Do you not see me? And besides, I wasn’t aware you had a choice.”

The Dark Lord suddenly flung a magic powder at the princess, knocking her out instantly. He then scooped her up and flew with her on his dragon into the moon light.

The next day as the burnt bodies began to smell. Sir Zaychos rode into court on a dashingly white horse.

“Good evening good sirs!” he exclaimed. I am here to take Princess Nizmerella’s hand in… Oh, good lord. What happened here?”

“She has been taken good knight.”

“What? Who said that?”

“I did.”

Sir Zaychos turned to see an old man with shiny white hair covered in hooded robes. The old man walked about the burn bodies closer to Zaychos.

“The Dark Lord Cassius has taken her. He came here last night and had his dragon burn everyone to a crisp.”

“Oh, foul deed,”

“You must stop him Sir Zaychos. He plans to marry her and take control of Fenherra.”

“Who are you good sir?”

“Oh, I am not important.” The man then suddenly vanishes into mid air.

Determined to save the princess Sir Zaychos rode off into the night. He rode and rode until his horse could not take it anymore. They rested, ate and when the morning light came they rode again. Faster and faster, until they reached the dark corner of Fenherra, the dark place where Cassius lived.

Sir Zaychos climbed the side of the black slimy castle walls until he reaches a window. He entered the castle and unsheathed his sword, ready for action.

“Who is this before me?” said a voice.

Sir Zaychos turned to see a very pale but beautiful witch. She opened her eyes and they were as white as snow.

“I am Sir Zaychos. Sir Zaychos the knight.”

“I am Seethra the Blind, the Dark Lord’s personal witch.

“Where is the princess?”

“Why have you come for her?”

“To rescue her and take her hand in marriage?”


“Well… because… she’s…. I don’t know?”

“Well maybe you should leave then.”

“Yes Seethra, your right.”

Sir Zaychos turns to exit the castle before realizing something.

“Ha, Ha, Ha. Good trick sorceress. I almost fell for it.”

Zaychos lunges forward, stabbing his sword through Seethra’s belly. Blue blood leaks from the wound as Zaychos withdraws the sword. Seethra falls dead to the floor.

Sir Zaychos bends down beside her and closes her eye lids, “I’m sorry my pale white eyed lady. But you are too evil… too evil indeed.

Sir Zaychos dashes down the hall of the black crispy castle when the old man suddenly appears out of nowhere.

“Hello Sir Zaychos.”

“Good god man. What black magic is this?”

“The Dark Lord has taken the princess to the roof for the wedding. You must stop him before the vows are exchanged.

“I will good sir. Have no fear.”

“I fear not.” The old man suddenly vanishes again.

“Who is that wizard?”

On the roof of the castle the night sky begins to light up with lightning as the Dark Lord squeezes Nizmerella’s hand before a frightened priest.

“Get on with it you,” raged the Dark Lord Cassius. “I haven’t gotten all day. Well actually, I have all eternity.” The dark lord lets out the most evil laugh you will ever here as Zaychos exits on to the roof.

“Unhand her you cruel man.”

“Quiet you. Get on with it holy man. Wait… Who the devil are you?”

“I am Sir Zaychos and I have come to rescue the princess and win her affection.”

“Dragon! Kill this man!” screams the Dark Lord.

Zaychos looks around for the dragon and sees nothing.

“What dragon do you speak of Lord Cassius?”

Suddenly the large green dragon flies out of nowhere and grabs Sir Zaychos whisking him off into the thunder stormed night.

“Unhand me you scaly creature.”

The dragon responds by screaming out a large ball of fire.

“Oh that is it. I’ve had enough. This ends now!”

Back on the castle roof the Dark Lord focuses his attention on the wedding.

“Now let’s exchange vows so we can quickly consummate this marriage. The princess grimaces her face in disgust.

“You are a vile and vicious creature Lord Cassius,” Said the princess.

“Oh please don’t forget devilishly handsome.”

“Sir Zaychos will save me.”

“If that is so princess then where is he?"

Without warning Zaychos and the now head less dragon dropped from the sky.

“Oh I have had a enough of you. You will die knight.”

Massive energy balls began to circle the Dark Lords hands.

“Oh no you don’t,” said Sir Zaychos.

He then quickly stabbed the Dark Lord Cassius through the belly.

“Oh you son of a whore.” said the Dark Lord.

As the Dark Lord falls to the ground, Sir Zaychos quickly rushes to the princess.

“Are you alright my lady?”

“You saved me.”

The princess suddenly embraces Zaychos and they engage in a very passionate kiss.

“Would you two like to marry?” asked the priest.

“Good God no,” said Zaychos. “We just met.”

“Well done good knight.”

They turn to see the hooded old man.

“Where do you come from old man?”

“That is not important.”

The old man vanishes into thin air again.

“Who was that odd wizard?” asked the princess.

“I haven’t the slightest clue. But he is an odd man, an odd man indeed.”

The End