Friday, October 31, 2014

Chrissy and Nessa - Chapter One - You Promised

"Aren't you going to bite me?" asked Nessa. She had a puppy dogs eyes face complete with a poked out bottom lip.

"This isn't funny," said Chrissy. Her wide intense eyes glaring at Nessa.

"You promised you would turn me, Chrissy. You can't back out now. You said you cared about me," said Nessa. She pointed her finger at Chrissy. Her long back ponytail waved in the wind.

"I never said that, Nessa. In fact, I distinctly remember telling you we don't care about anyone."

"But you care about me," Nessa responded. A wide smile on her face.

Nessa was beginning to annoy Chrissy. Chrissy could feel her anger and frustration bubbling.

"We don't care, Nessa. We can't."

"Prove it," said Nessa.

With the flick of her wrist Chrissy grabbed Nessa's right index finger and snapped it.

Nessa let out a piercing scream and stumbled backwards into the row of yellow lockers outside the school.

Chrissy crouched down in front of her. "You see, Nessa. I don't care. I can't.

"You promised, you promised!" Nessa screamed. Streams of tears rolling down her cheeks as she held her broken finger tight.

Chrissy stared at Nessa. She did promise. But not keeping her word wasn't a huge issue for Chrissy.

The whining was starting to get to Chrissy and she thought about snapping Nessa's neck to make it stop. But the clean up would have been even more annoying.

Chrissy sighed and pulled Nessa up on her feet by her neck. She swung Nessa around so her back was to her front then she craned Nessa's head to the right and bit into her neck.

Nessa tasted sweet, pure, refreshing. Chrissy couldn't help but hold her tighter. Her eyes glazed over in pleasure as waves of Nessa's blood ran over her teeth and flowed over her tongue then swam down her throat.

Chrissy removed her head from the crane of Chrissy's neck and stared at the sun for in a daze. Nessa's young clean blood made her feel good. She looked back down at Nessa's neck and watched as the blood poured out of the fresh wounds and down her shirt to the floor.

Nessa's eyes began to flutter. A result of the massive blood loss. Her body began to convulse.

Chrissy held Nessa tighter. She placed her mouth back over the gushing wound and mopped over the rushing blood with her tongue. With every pulse the blood sprayed into Chrissy's mouth. Nessa shook harder.

End of Chapter One

Monday, October 20, 2014

Lady Saura, Slayer of Dragons - Chapter Thirteen - The Journey Home

I found my horse Lavros wondering the woods on the journey home to Princess Luquasia's kingdom. He was drinking from the river. I had to fight the tears that began to form in my eyes when I saw him. I was already in a bad state I didn't want the princess to see me become even more of a lady.

With one hand grasped on the stern I rode Lavros as Princess Luquasia braced my back. She was kind enough to rip off parts of her dress to bind my ribs and fasten my arm until they could be properly healed.

It still hurt to breath but the pain was beginning to subside.

"You shall come to my kingdom, Lady Saura," said Princess Luquasia. "My people will fix your wounds and you shall be looked after till your wounds are gone."

"What will we tell your father the king of me?" I asked.

"We will tell him that you are Lady Saura, slayer of dragons and my hero. And if being a woman bothers them so then they will deal with me for I am now also a dragon slayer."

I smiled at the thought. A princess dragon slayer. Although I guess it is as strange as a lady dragon slayer.

"I have people princess," I said. "People who have healed me after every battle I have needed them."

"Very well, Lady Saura," said the princess.

The princess embraced me lightly so as not to squeeze my ribs and I rode on.

We rode the rest of the night and by day break we were out side the kingdom walls.

"We're here, princess."

"So we are," responded the princess. "I will miss you, Lady Saura."

I moved to climb off my horse, wincing in pain.

"No don't, Lady Saura," said Princess Luquasia.

The princess climbed off the back of my horse.

"Promise you will visit," said the Princess. "Promise me this isn't the last I will see of you."

 I knew not what to say. I simply smiled. I have never visited a virgin lady I have rescued from a dragon before. Princess Luquasia request was new to me.

The princess smiled back and began to walk toward her kingdom. She stopped turned around and ran back to me. She placed her foot on the stirrup stood up on the horse and kissed me.

"I will tell your tale Lady Saura and they could believe me or not."

The Princess climbed down and began to run towards her kingdom.

I stood underneath the tree. The same tree I waited under for payment for her rescue. I watched as the kingdom doors opened and welcomed with cheers her safe return.

Princess Luquasia was in the distance now, unable to see me clearly but she looked over her shoulder towards me as her people embraced her and smiled.

The End

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lady Saura, Slayer of Dragons - Chapter Twelve - The Yellow Tail

It felt like days after my battle with Yellow Tail in the skies.

I was weak and tired now that the fight was over,

As he lay on the grass motionless I climbed off of of him and began to stumble away. The adrenaline from the slaying was beginning to fade and I wanted to get back to Princess Luquasia as quickly as possible.

I worried about her, where had she gone, did she try to journey back home alone. did she try to walk back through the outlands. My fears turned to the image of her lying slain in the desert by the hands of some merciless savages who cared not that she was a frightened princess seeking home after the most horrid of waking nightmares.

I stumbled away from Yellow Tail half in another world. I was not yet ready to walk but I had to. I had to get back to her and make sure she knows that Yellow Tail is no more. That she is finally free from that beast of pure evil.

However, determined as I was I could not walk away fast enough to escape that ferocious appendage of Yellow Tail.

The appendage which I have chosen to name him after.

Without warning and with my complete surprise it rose from the rocky sands of the outlands and swung toward me with mighty force hitting me in the arm and knocking me a short distance back into the air then down again into a sand covered rock.

I hear the bones in my arm snap and I can feel the crack of my ribs.

I tried to breath but the pain of my lungs would not allow me to do so. All I could manage was a low wheeze which only caused the pain to grow more.

To make matters worse moving my head to lay eyes on the dragon prove to be even more difficult a pain of intensity seemed to take over my neck.

I laid still. With my back turned to Yellow Tail I could hear him putting every effort he had towards lifting himself up.

I reached towards the sword but it was to far away to grasp. I was defenseless against the dragon and I prepared to meet my end as I heard Yellow Tail take giant breaths mustering the strength to gather fire.

My last thoughts were toward my fallen husband his scarred face coming out of the darkness to rescue me from my caved prison. The eyes of all the dragons I have slain and the faces of the all the princesses and ladies and common woman I have saved from the dragons despite knowing their parents had no coin to pay for their safe return. My very last thought began on Princess Luquasia the latest in a long line of those I have saved but somehow the most impact full.

There was something special about Princess Luquasia. Something that caused the dragon Yellow Tail to break from his nature and pursue her at all cost as if she was his dragon egg stolen from him in the night.

As I lay slumped over, the pain becoming stronger, I closed my eyes. My last thought on Princess Luquasia. I hope she made it home. I hoped she was safe. I hoped Yellow Tail never finds her again. Soon after killing me I hoped he dies and Princess Luquasia goes on to live a full happy life and makes changes that will better this realm forever.

Unwilling to give up I reached once more for the blade but it was no use. My broken body would not allow for it and it was too late already. I could feel Yellow Tail  breathing on my back. In moments I was sure to be engulfed in flames.

It was then that I heard a faint sound in the distance. A sound barley heard by me but seemed to be heard by Yellow Tail in loud volumes.

I tuned my head as slowly as I could toward the sound, careful not to injure my neck further. In the vast distance standing in white amongst the desert sands of the out lands was Princess Luquasia yelling. The dragon crawled past me toward the princess screaming that horrid wail.

The princess continued to yell but I could not hear what she was saying. Was she yelling to me or the dragon.

I could see her walking closer as the dragon limped toward her. He was unable to fly do to the damage to his wings he sustained during our battle in the sky.

I knew then that I had to save her. Stop her from what ever she was doing. After all this I was not going to let it end with Yellow Tail taking her. The dragon was dying and I was going to make sure it finished dying.

I braced my broken ribs, stiffened my neck and let my broken arm hang as I rose to my feet. Breathing was painful but I was determined to rise, grab the sword and make my way towards Yellow Tail who seemed to ignore me in favor of the still yelling Princess Luquasia.

As I stumbled toward the dragon, his golden Yellow Tail swaying in the air behind him, Princess Luquasia's yell began to get louder. I slowly began to understand what the princess was yelling.

"Come, Yellow Tail! Come and take me!"

Princess Luquasia had decided to become brave and show the dragon no fear. A bold choice but I feared it was unwise.

I tried to yell to her but speaking only caused more pain.

It was then that the princess stopped yelling and from behind her back she revealed a rather large sword and with all her might she made a mad dash toward the limping Yellow Tail.

I reached out my hands in great fear. I motioned for her to stop but Princess Luquasia continued to charge.

Yellow Tail tried to breath fire. I could see his mouth widening, his lungs heaving but he could produce nothing. A long trail of blood followed his large scaly body with each step and his wing stretched and flapped horridly.

Yellow Tail tried once more to breath but the princess leaped from the ground to the top of Yellow Tail's head and stabbed the sword right between his eyes. I stopped surprised at this sight and for the second time in a day everything went black.

End of Chapter Twelve

Monday, October 6, 2014

Lady Saura, Slayer of Dragons - Chapter Eleven - To the Clouds with Yellow Tail

My first thought was the dragon, Yellow Tail had mistaken me for Princess Luquasia but as we flew higher I soon realized the dragon made no mistake but was attempting to get rid of my presence once and for all.

The massive gold tail held me by the waist but was slowly moving up to my chest removing the air from my lungs. It was then that I reached for my newly acquired sword and stabbed the dragon's bright yellow tail.

He let loose a horrid wail and loosened his grip on me. I breathed in deep and took another strike at the dragon's tail.

Yellow Tail, however, ignored my efforts and instead flew higher into the clouds. The air began to thin and despite Yellow Tail tail's removal from my lungs I found it hard to breath once more.

Yellow Tails plans for me became unclear. Was the dragon hoping to drop me to my death or perhaps he planed to suffocate me amongst the clouds.

I began to feel my body weaken. I watched in a daze as the blood from Yellow Tail's tail flowed from his open wounds and down to the distant world below. Despite this, he seemed to be getting stronger. More determined to journey me to the clouds and the mysterious world beyond them.

The grip of his tail seemed to be getting tighter once more.

I could feel my strength withering away in the wind and I knew it was only a matter of time before I expired under the grasp of the dragons golden tail. I had to conjure all of the strength I could to defeat the ferocious dragon.

I gripped the handle of the sword as tightly as I could and swung with all my might at the dragons sun painted tail.

It was then that he released me. But with a quick thrust of my wrist I jammed the sword in his tail allowing me to stay on by holding the protruding swords handle.

I then began to climb up Yellow Tails back causing him to move in agony as he tried to throw me off of him.

I knew that slaying yellow tail now would surely cause us to both fall to our deaths. But I also knew another chance at slaying Yellow Tail would be rare.

Still weak and struggling to stay atop of Yellow Tail I raised the sword high above my head and forced it back down into the base of Yellow Tail's back.

He roared in pain and let out a burst of fire that could ignite the sky.

The thrusts of my blade began to become too much for Yellow Tail and it caused him to slowly descent back down the earth below.

My strength was returning to me and with each new burst of energy I pushed the sword harder into the back of Yellow Tail.

Inches from the earth I could  hear the breath burst from his lungs and I could of bet with all the coin I had that Yellow Tail was dead.

End of Chapter Eleven