Monday, August 3, 2015

Chrissy and Nessa - Chapter Six - School Forever

"School?" Nessa asked. "We have to go to school?"

It was morning and Chrissy was placings Nessa's bloody clothes, including her black shoes and socks, into a black trash bag.

"Yes, school," said Chrissy. "It's important we fit in. Two fifteen year old girls not attending school is going to seem suspicious."

"But we'll be fifteen forever. Does that mean we'll have to go to high school forever?"


"Well that sucks."

Nessa sat naked in the bath tub washing away the remaining dry blood off her skin.

"What are you doing with my clothes?" asked Nessa.

"I need to burn them," said Chrissy.

"Your going to burn my clothes? Can't you just wash them?"

"Washing blood out of clothes is not easy."

"What are you going to do with the body?"

"I'm going to have to burn him too somewhere."

"You know whats strange. I don't feel guilty. I killed that guy and I don't even care. He probably has a wife. Maybe even some kids. This is so awesome."

"If you need clothes you can wear some of mine," said Chrissy.

Nessa turned and looked at Chrissy. Chrissy was wearing her usual blue jeans and plaid shirt. She was dressed like a trucker.

"No offense, Chrissy but I rather go to school naked. I have some spare clothes in my book bag."

"Fine. I'll go get them."

Chrissy entered the living room and opened Nessa's pink jeweled two strapped book bag. She pushed aside a two textbooks, a make up kit and a small designer purse and pulled out a pair of black stockings, a mini jean skirt, a red black and yellow stripped sweater and a pink blouse.

It was obvious to Chrissy that Nessa was high maintenance. She began to wonder if Nessa was the right person to spend and eternity with.

"Do you have to burn my shoes?" Nessa asked. "There my only pair and I got them on sale."

"You'll have to wear a pair of my sneakers until we pick up some clothes from your house."

"Fine," Nessa moaned. "Do you have any sneakers in yellow? They'll match perfect with my outfit."

End of Chapter Six

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