Monday, September 28, 2015

Chrissy and Nessa - Chapter Seven - I Loved the Mess

"I feel so good right now," Nessa said as she sat in the front passenger seat of Chrissy's car. "I feel like I can do anything I want."

"But you can't," said Chrissy. "It's very important you learn to control your urges. Cravings for blood won't be as bad as you may think but the need to give in to your strength or your lack of empathy for others will be strong."

"I know. You told me this already."

"I know that but its it worth repeating. You maybe stronger and faster but all it takes is..."

"Is a stab or bullet to the heart. I know you told me this already."

"You forgot beheading," said Chrissy.

"Whatever," responded Nessa.

Chrissy sighed and continued driving. New pups were always a pain. Years of mythology and lore and they think they know everything. Chrissy learned very early that before turning anyone it was very important that they learned all the rules by heart. New pups had a tendency of making their nest vulnerable to hunters by making mistakes. A lesson Chrissy learned the hard way. A lesson that delayed Chrissy's efforts to start her own nest until now.

"Why are my pointy teeth wiggly?" asked Nessa.

Chrissy glanced over at her.

Nessa was wiggling her canine teeth with her index and thumb fingers on her right hand and pulling down and adjusting the mirror with her left.

"I told you Nessa," said Chrissy. "Those canines are going to fall out and new sharper fangs are going to grow in like these." Chrissy opened her mouth to show Nessa her sharp fangs.

"Oh my god," Nessa responded, twisting her face in disgust. "Those are gross."

"You can file them down if you want but you're going to need them."

"I bit that guys throat out with no problem," Nessa said with a shrug.

"I know but it took effort and left a mess."

"I liked the effort," said Nessa. "I loved the mess."

Chrissy glanced over at Nessa. Nessa was smiling a sadistic smile from ear to ear. Chrissy began to wonder if the sociopath like behavior was a part of Nessa's transformation or if she always was one. If so then Chrissy was now positive she made a huge mistake in turning Nessa.

End of Chapter Seven

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