Monday, July 14, 2014

The Mighty Sir Zaychos

Once upon a time there was a princess named Princess Nizmerella who lived in the beautiful land of Fenherra. She had mid back long hair, ruby red lips, and bright green almond shaped eyes. Needless to say Princess Nizmerella was the most beautiful girl in the land and the world for that matter.

From kingdom to kingdom all the young princes wanted her hand in marriage. They would dress in the finest suits, ride the finest horses and carry the finest bunch of flowers, all with the hope of winning the princess’s affection. But she wanted none of them.

Their lives seemed boring and uninteresting to the princess. She wanted excitement and adventure which is exactly what the Dark Lord was going to give her. The Dark Lord was the cruelest and evilest wizard in all the land and he wanted complete control of Fenherra. 

However, in order to achieve this he would need to marry Princess Nizmerella. Of course for him this was no horrible rule. Princess Nizmerella was beautiful.

One day Princess Nizmerella sat in front of her giant mirror and did her long hair when loud screams came from the rest of the castle.

Whatever is the matter,” she wondered.

She ran as fast her feet could carry her into the court of the castle where she discovered bodies on top of bodies burnt to a crisp.

“Hello my fair lady,” said a dark and sinister voice.

Princess Nizmerella turned to see the Dark Lord accompanied by a very large and vicious looking dragon with smoking breath. The Dark Lord was incredibly handsome which of course gave him great reason to be completely arrogant and self absorbed.

“I am the Dark Lord Cassius,” he said. “And I’m here to take your hand in marriage.”

“And what makes you think I want your hand in marriage,” she said.

“Do you not see me? And besides, I wasn’t aware you had a choice.”

The Dark Lord suddenly flung a magic powder at the princess, knocking her out instantly. He then scooped her up and flew with her on his dragon into the moon light.

The next day as the burnt bodies began to smell. Sir Zaychos rode into court on a dashingly white horse.

“Good evening good sirs!” he exclaimed. I am here to take Princess Nizmerella’s hand in… Oh, good lord. What happened here?”

“She has been taken good knight.”

“What? Who said that?”

“I did.”

Sir Zaychos turned to see an old man with shiny white hair covered in hooded robes. The old man walked about the burn bodies closer to Zaychos.

“The Dark Lord Cassius has taken her. He came here last night and had his dragon burn everyone to a crisp.”

“Oh, foul deed,”

“You must stop him Sir Zaychos. He plans to marry her and take control of Fenherra.”

“Who are you good sir?”

“Oh, I am not important.” The man then suddenly vanishes into mid air.

Determined to save the princess Sir Zaychos rode off into the night. He rode and rode until his horse could not take it anymore. They rested, ate and when the morning light came they rode again. Faster and faster, until they reached the dark corner of Fenherra, the dark place where Cassius lived.

Sir Zaychos climbed the side of the black slimy castle walls until he reaches a window. He entered the castle and unsheathed his sword, ready for action.

“Who is this before me?” said a voice.

Sir Zaychos turned to see a very pale but beautiful witch. She opened her eyes and they were as white as snow.

“I am Sir Zaychos. Sir Zaychos the knight.”

“I am Seethra the Blind, the Dark Lord’s personal witch.

“Where is the princess?”

“Why have you come for her?”

“To rescue her and take her hand in marriage?”


“Well… because… she’s…. I don’t know?”

“Well maybe you should leave then.”

“Yes Seethra, your right.”

Sir Zaychos turns to exit the castle before realizing something.

“Ha, Ha, Ha. Good trick sorceress. I almost fell for it.”

Zaychos lunges forward, stabbing his sword through Seethra’s belly. Blue blood leaks from the wound as Zaychos withdraws the sword. Seethra falls dead to the floor.

Sir Zaychos bends down beside her and closes her eye lids, “I’m sorry my pale white eyed lady. But you are too evil… too evil indeed.

Sir Zaychos dashes down the hall of the black crispy castle when the old man suddenly appears out of nowhere.

“Hello Sir Zaychos.”

“Good god man. What black magic is this?”

“The Dark Lord has taken the princess to the roof for the wedding. You must stop him before the vows are exchanged.

“I will good sir. Have no fear.”

“I fear not.” The old man suddenly vanishes again.

“Who is that wizard?”

On the roof of the castle the night sky begins to light up with lightning as the Dark Lord squeezes Nizmerella’s hand before a frightened priest.

“Get on with it you,” raged the Dark Lord Cassius. “I haven’t gotten all day. Well actually, I have all eternity.” The dark lord lets out the most evil laugh you will ever here as Zaychos exits on to the roof.

“Unhand her you cruel man.”

“Quiet you. Get on with it holy man. Wait… Who the devil are you?”

“I am Sir Zaychos and I have come to rescue the princess and win her affection.”

“Dragon! Kill this man!” screams the Dark Lord.

Zaychos looks around for the dragon and sees nothing.

“What dragon do you speak of Lord Cassius?”

Suddenly the large green dragon flies out of nowhere and grabs Sir Zaychos whisking him off into the thunder stormed night.

“Unhand me you scaly creature.”

The dragon responds by screaming out a large ball of fire.

“Oh that is it. I’ve had enough. This ends now!”

Back on the castle roof the Dark Lord focuses his attention on the wedding.

“Now let’s exchange vows so we can quickly consummate this marriage. The princess grimaces her face in disgust.

“You are a vile and vicious creature Lord Cassius,” Said the princess.

“Oh please don’t forget devilishly handsome.”

“Sir Zaychos will save me.”

“If that is so princess then where is he?"

Without warning Zaychos and the now head less dragon dropped from the sky.

“Oh I have had a enough of you. You will die knight.”

Massive energy balls began to circle the Dark Lords hands.

“Oh no you don’t,” said Sir Zaychos.

He then quickly stabbed the Dark Lord Cassius through the belly.

“Oh you son of a whore.” said the Dark Lord.

As the Dark Lord falls to the ground, Sir Zaychos quickly rushes to the princess.

“Are you alright my lady?”

“You saved me.”

The princess suddenly embraces Zaychos and they engage in a very passionate kiss.

“Would you two like to marry?” asked the priest.

“Good God no,” said Zaychos. “We just met.”

“Well done good knight.”

They turn to see the hooded old man.

“Where do you come from old man?”

“That is not important.”

The old man vanishes into thin air again.

“Who was that odd wizard?” asked the princess.

“I haven’t the slightest clue. But he is an odd man, an odd man indeed.”

The End

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