Monday, July 28, 2014

Lady Saura, Slayer of Dragons - Chapter One - The Dragon Slayer

The dragon's tail clenched my waist tight. I could not breath. I screamed but I was to high above ground for anyone to hear. I knew not the dragon's intentions for me and my mind ran wild with fear.

But that was years ago. I do not fear the dragon now. I slay them.

Maulron is my proxy. Most kings and lords will not accept a female dragon slayer so I use him as my face. And a good face he makes. Maulron is a blacksmith. His body is full of burns and scars. He is black of hair and his eyes are as blue of ice. A great look for a dragon slayer.

Where as I am small of frame. With hair the color of night and eyes the color of emeralds. I look as I am, a lady of Fenherra.. Not a slayer of dragons as I am as well. 

As I wait under a large tree, outside of the kingdom walls, Maulron meets with the king of Landwall. The king's daughter has been taken by a Yellow Tailed dragon two full moons ago and he has not been able to rescue her.

Dragons love the smell of gold and virgin girls. They kidnapped them from the many kingdoms and tribes and carry them by tail to caves high in the outlands.

Many men have died by dragon fire trying to rescue their loved ones. But men of wealth at no risk to them choose dragon slayers to rescue their virgin daughters. Men trained in the slaying of dragons.

But no male dragon slayer is more skilled than I. For I have rescued many a virgin ladies starting with myself so many seasons ago.

Maulron returned on his horse of white as I sat on my horse of brown. Who I have named Lavros.

Lavros, my faithful horse, has carried me on his back away from many vengeful dragons.

"What is the king's offer, Maulron?" I asked.

"He offers her weight in gold my, Lady Saura."

"Really? His absence from her must be hard felt."

"I'm sure it is, my lady. Shall I accompany you on your ride to the outlands?" asked Maulron.

"No, Maulron. That won't be necessary. As usual, I will give a part of my payment for your services."

I sent Maulron on his way and began my journey to the outlands.

End of Chapter One

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