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Lady Saura, Slayer of Dragons - Chapter Eight - By the River

I awoke laying over the back of my horse. I was unsure how I got there or who was riding my horse. When I turned my head I could see the back of Princess Luquasia.

I opened my mouth to speak but found myself absent of voice.

"Lady Saura. You're awake," said the princess. "Speak not. I will get you some water."

It was then that I looked up to see we were riding along side a river in the forest.

Princess Luquasia stopped the horse alongside the riverbank and steeped down.

I began to climb off Lavros but found it difficult.

"Let me help you down, Lady Saura," the princess said.

The Princess held on to my waist to keep my steady.

I then began to feel dizzy and stumbled back into Princess Luquasia. My back was whole but it felt as if it had been sliced in two by the dragon's talon.

"Sit, Lady Saura," said the princess. She helped me to sit on the forest ground. "I will fetch us some water by the river."

Princess Luquasia removed a water pail from my belt and walked down towards the river.

My back began to seize burning already it was beginning to heal. I removed my armor from my upper body and loosened my shirt. I placed my hand up the back of my shirt and felt for the scar. I winced in pain when I finally reached it. I removed my hand quickly from my wound and stared at the blood on the tip of my finger.

Princess Luquasia returned from the river with a full pain and handed it to me. The princess took sight of my bloody finger and her face twisted in disgust.

"Oh the sight of blood has always frightened my," said the princess. "Worry not, Lady Saura. My father will see to it that your wounds are treated properly."

I took a drink of the water and poured some of it on my fingers to wash the blood away.

"I can not," I said.

"You can not what, Lady Saura?"

"I can not be seen by your father. I can not be known."

"Because you are a lady?"

"Fear not, Lady Saura. Once my father the lord king hears tale of my heroic rescue he will not pay attention to the matter of you being a lady."

"He may not but others surely will."

"Well I know your a lady and I care not. If not for you, Lady Saura I would of surley never been rescued from that Yellow Tailed monster."

I did not share in Princess Luquasia's optimism. I've seen many a female warrior fall victim to the jealousy of men.

"I must clean my wound," I said.

"That is a great thought, Lady Saura," said the princess. "We shall bathe before arriving at my kingdom. Come I will help you."

The princess lifted my arm over her shoulder and led me to the river.

Princess Luquasia and I removed our garments until we were completely bare. We then walked into the river to bathe.

"It has been ages since I have felt water on my skin," said the princess. "This is a welcome change to the heat of the beast's cave. Turn you back toward me Lady Saura. I will help to clean your wound."

I placed my long braid over my shoulder and and turned my back towards the princess.  She stared in shock as she noticed the many scars I have acquired from dragon slaying.

"Lady Saura you have the wounds of a knight," she said.

The princess began to pour water on my back. I could feel it flowing down across my long fresh wound. 

"Lady Saura?"

"Yes, Princess Luquasia," I responded.

"How did you become a dragon slayer?" she asked.

She pulled my braid from over my shoulder and began to unravel it.

"It is a long horrid tale, princess."

"You know my tale, Lady Saura. Tell me yours."

Princess Luquasia was right I did know her tale and so few people knew mine. It would be a great release to be able to tell it.

"Fine Princess Luquasia I will tell you my tale." As the princess began to pour water over my hair I told her my story.

"I was a lady of the House Alcourt. A virgin of fifteen. One day I was playing in the forest. Chasing butterflies with a catcher.  I could hear the screams of a dragon but at such a young age I know not the screams of a dragon and mistook the sound for a rather large bird." The princes began to tie my long hair back into a braid."But it was not a bird it was a dragon of emerald green with golden flecks amongst its many scales. And he used his long tail to capture me. He then took me away from the forest then over the vast dead outlands and to the dark caves of the fire islands."

"Were you rescued?" she asked.

"Of course, Princess. By a dragon slayer of the name Rothello."

"Was he handsome, Lady Saura?" asked the princess.

"He was," I smiled. "He had a rather large burn from a dragon's breath across his face but it made him appear fierce and exciting. Rothello was in the dragon's cave looking for gold but when he saw me he came to my rescue instead. I fell in love with him instantly and he took my hand in marriage. He taught me the ways of dragon slaying, amongst other things.

"Where is your Rothello now, Lady Saura?" asked the princess. She grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me towards her. A smile on her face.

"He is gone," I said. "Killed many moons ago by a dragon. I dragon I have slayed in my dreams many a night.

"That's horrible, Lady Saura," she said. Her smile fading.

"It was a long time ago," I said with a smile. "Come, Princess. I feel much better now. Let's return to your kingdom."

I held her by her hand and lead her out of the river onto the fresh green grass.

We got dressed and headed back to my horse when something felt different. I turned around looking in every direction.

"What is it, Lady Saura?" asked the princess.

"Well, well, well," said a voice. "If it isn't, Lady Saura, slayer of dragons and a virgin princess."

I recognized the owner of the voice instantly. It was Lord Galtrack, leader of one of the many tribes of the outlands.

He removed himself from behind a tree along with many others of his tribe.

The princess clenched my arm tight.

"I'm afraid we have a problem, Lady Saura. You didn't pay for protection," he said with a sadistic smirk.

End of Chapter Eight

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