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Lady Saura, Slayer of Dragons - Chapter Ten - The Trading Grounds

Whether slaved by dragon or man the torment is the same. You are a pet, property at the mercy of thy master's will and exist to only satisfy his or her's every need.

Lord Galtrak met this to be Princess Luquasia and mine's fate but I had different plans.

We were at the trading grounds. A part of the outlands used for tradings of good and services including people.

Lord Galtrak's men put us in a large cage filled with other woman. All of whom seem to come from lower families. Although they weren't ladies and princess such as Princess Luquasia and I they were no different than us. If I am  to free the princess and myself than these ladies I shall free as well.

It was nightfall and we were to be sold at daybreak. In the cover of night I planed to free us all from this unfortunate fate.

"How do you plan to free us?" asked a woman named Maulra. "Only the guard has a key and the cage is made of solid steel. I doubt you know the first step in rescuing us."

"Mind your tongue," said Princess Luquasia. "Lady Saura is a dragon slayer and earlier
this day she rescued me from a ferocious beast if anyone is to rescue us from these foul men it is Lady Saura.

"Princess you speak nonsense," said a women. "The existence of a woman dragon slayer is fantasy."

"Oh I assure you Lady Saura is a dragon slayer and she will save us all," said the princess. "Tell them Lady Saura. Tell them I speak the truth."

The truth I thought was that Maulra may be right. I was absent of my sword and armor. The cage was solid steel. Freeing us would not be a task of ease. But I dare not tell them that.

"The princess speaks the truth. I may be a lady but I am Saura, slayer of dragons and  I mean to free us all."

"And just how do you plan to do that, Saura, slayer of dragons?" said Maulra."

Maulra asked a good question. If I was to devise a plan to escape the proper time would be now. But it seemed fate had other plans.

The princess slowly approached me and whispered in my ear, "he's here."

I turned to her, confused. "Who's here, princess?"

"Yellow Tail."

Surely the princess's capture by the dragon Yellow Tail had made her delusional. I have not known a dragon to be that persistent in chasing a virgin.

"That can't be true, Princess Luquasia. I assure you Yellow Tail is long gone and set on other things. We have more urgent problems to attend to.

"I know he's here," said the princess. "I can feel it."

"Princess I assure you it is only fear you are feeling."

I spoke to soon. Just as the words left my mouth a loud scream was given in the distance followed by a bright light which I was most certain was a ball of fire.

"What was that?" asked one of the women.

More screams were let out from our captors. Always accompanied by a bright light. Then there was no mistaking it.

A man towards our cage covered in flames. A flame that did not go unrecognized by me. He was covered in the flames of a dragon's breath.

His hands grasped the bars of our cage. He stood inches from my face. Melting. I recognized him instantly it was Lord Galtrak's son.

He looked at me "dragon," he let out. "The dragon is killing everyone." With a blazing hand he handed me a key through the bars and fell dead from Yellow Tails breath.

"Dragon?" asked Maulra. "I don't fear the dragons, I haven't been a virgin for quite sometime nor have most of us."

"I'm pretty sure the men haven't either," said a woman. "But this dragon seems to be killing them all the same."

I could see the flames more clearer now. They were getting closer and the princess grabbed my arm. Illuminated by the moon light I could see him. His large scaly wings, his red eyes and his long golden tail.

"What are you waiting for, dragon slayer? Free us!" yelled Maulra.

I took the key handed to me by Lord Galtrak's son and opened the large cage door. The women burst out to their freedom and I grabbed the princess and followed suit

"Come, princess. We must hurry before he sees us."

"It is not sight that has allowed Yellow Tail to find me, Lady Saura. I fear it is smell. We will never be safe, never."

"We will," I assured her. "All I need to do is slay him."

 "How, Lady Saura? You haven't a sword."

"Than I shall get one."

"From where, Lady Saura?"

"From one of the fallen," I responded.

I reached down and removed a sword from the charred remains of a fallen tribesman.

"Lets go," I said the princess.

As I led Princess Luquasia away from the trading grounds I began to realize that there was no escaping this beast unless I slayed him.

I stopped and looked up towards the sky. Yellow Tail hovered there in mid air. Flapping hiss large wings, his large head turning left and right looking for the princess. He then flared his large reptilian nostrils and it was then that he smelled her and turned towards us. It was then that we locked eyes and he stared at me. If dragons faces can make the expression of human than I'm more than positive his face would convey a message of annoyance at the constant site of me.

Yellow Tail widened his large mouth and let out a large ferocious breath of fire. Then with the force of a strong wind and his eyes locked on mine he flew straight towards me as if falling out of the sky.

Princess Luquasia screamed as I made an attempt to slice him with my sword but the attempt failed. Yellow Tail moved his head slightly to the left and the sword missed his large head by inches but he continued to fly past me and instead wrapped his long golden tail around my waist and carried me toward the sky.

End of Chapter Eleven

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