Monday, September 8, 2014

Lady Saura, Slayer of Dragons - Chapter Seven - The Return of Yellow Tail

It was a long effort but I was finally able to get the Princess Luquasia to sleep.

As the princess rested by the fire I began to ponder her story. The princess told it with great conviction and I felt the truth in it. However, the actions she told of Yellow Tail were unusual for a dragon. In all my seasons of dragon slaying I have never heard of a dragon slaying their virgins to make room for only one. Although I did find it strange to find only the princess in the company Yellow Tail. Dragons with the power and size of Yellow Tail are know for keeping many virgins and pieces of gold in their caves. And a dragon with the reputation of Yellow Tail would surely have many virgins and pieces of gold.

I soon convinced myself that her tale was born out of delusion, bought on by being captured instead of truth. I chose to trust in my years of dragon slaying instead of Princess Luquasia's tale. That was of course until I heard the powerful flaps of a dragon's wings.

Surely it was the sound of another dragon I thought. On his way to one of the many kingdoms to capture a virgin lady. Or perhaps to obtain a some gold. Surely the tale of Princess Luquasia can not be of truth I hoped. But the tale was true and before my eyes I saw the great body of Yellow Tail eclipse the moon. His Yellow Tail bringing light to the darkness. My blade still protruding from his belly.

As Yellow Tail approached with rapid speed Princess Luquasia awoken from her sleep.

"No!" she screamed. "It's coming for me, Lady Saura. It's coming for me."

Absent from my blade I dared not stay to battle the dragon. I grabbed the princess by the wrist and led her to my noble steed, Lavros. We climbed on top of him and with one crack of the reigns we rode as quickly as we can with Yellow Tail still approaching us.

I rode Lavros as fast I could unsure if he could handle the speed. Yellow Tail began to scream as he flapped massive just above us. He began to stretch out his long talons, reaching for the princess.

"It's going to get me," said the princess. "Please don't let it get me."

It was then a thought occurred to me.

"Reach for my blade," I yelled.

"I can't see your sword, Lady Saura."

"It's in Yellow Tail," I responded.

"What? I can't, Lady Saura. I can't."

"You have to, Princess Luquasia. Yellow Tail will kill us both if you don't."

I took no pleasure in scaring the princess but with out her assistance this rescue would have been a short one.

Yellow Tail screamed as the princess reached for my blade lodged in the dragon's belly. I held on tight to my reigns as the princess held tight on to me.

"I can't Saura. I can't reach it!" she screamed.

Yellow Tail was growing more enraged. His efforts to grab the Princess Luquasia from my horse proved to be a challenge for him.

"You must, princess," I said. "You must are the dragon will take you again."

The princess reached and I watched as her fingers lightly grazed the hilt of my sword. She reached farther spreading her arm out as far as she could. Then she grabbed the handle of the sword and with one quick pull she removed it from the belly of Yellow Tail.

We screamed in excitement as Yellow Tail roared in pain and used his ferocious wings to thrust himself further into the air.

In the distance I could see the mighty trees of the forest where the outlands ended. I knew that if I could just get under those trees It would make it difficult for Yellow Tail to get around them enough to recapture the princess. Despite his persistence of her surely he would know it wise to give up.

I looked towards the sky anticipating the return of Yellow Tail but the sky was blank o his presence. It seemed Yellow Tail had finally had enough. Then as of out of thin air Yellow Tail flew at rapid speed out of the sky and clawed me across the back as we entered the forest.

I began to grow dizzy as I watched the dragon scream in frustration at his inability to fit in between the tall trees of the forest to finish his pursuit of us.

It was then that everything went black.

End of Chapter Seven

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