Monday, October 6, 2014

Lady Saura, Slayer of Dragons - Chapter Eleven - To the Clouds with Yellow Tail

My first thought was the dragon, Yellow Tail had mistaken me for Princess Luquasia but as we flew higher I soon realized the dragon made no mistake but was attempting to get rid of my presence once and for all.

The massive gold tail held me by the waist but was slowly moving up to my chest removing the air from my lungs. It was then that I reached for my newly acquired sword and stabbed the dragon's bright yellow tail.

He let loose a horrid wail and loosened his grip on me. I breathed in deep and took another strike at the dragon's tail.

Yellow Tail, however, ignored my efforts and instead flew higher into the clouds. The air began to thin and despite Yellow Tail tail's removal from my lungs I found it hard to breath once more.

Yellow Tails plans for me became unclear. Was the dragon hoping to drop me to my death or perhaps he planed to suffocate me amongst the clouds.

I began to feel my body weaken. I watched in a daze as the blood from Yellow Tail's tail flowed from his open wounds and down to the distant world below. Despite this, he seemed to be getting stronger. More determined to journey me to the clouds and the mysterious world beyond them.

The grip of his tail seemed to be getting tighter once more.

I could feel my strength withering away in the wind and I knew it was only a matter of time before I expired under the grasp of the dragons golden tail. I had to conjure all of the strength I could to defeat the ferocious dragon.

I gripped the handle of the sword as tightly as I could and swung with all my might at the dragons sun painted tail.

It was then that he released me. But with a quick thrust of my wrist I jammed the sword in his tail allowing me to stay on by holding the protruding swords handle.

I then began to climb up Yellow Tails back causing him to move in agony as he tried to throw me off of him.

I knew that slaying yellow tail now would surely cause us to both fall to our deaths. But I also knew another chance at slaying Yellow Tail would be rare.

Still weak and struggling to stay atop of Yellow Tail I raised the sword high above my head and forced it back down into the base of Yellow Tail's back.

He roared in pain and let out a burst of fire that could ignite the sky.

The thrusts of my blade began to become too much for Yellow Tail and it caused him to slowly descent back down the earth below.

My strength was returning to me and with each new burst of energy I pushed the sword harder into the back of Yellow Tail.

Inches from the earth I could  hear the breath burst from his lungs and I could of bet with all the coin I had that Yellow Tail was dead.

End of Chapter Eleven

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