Monday, October 20, 2014

Lady Saura, Slayer of Dragons - Chapter Thirteen - The Journey Home

I found my horse Lavros wondering the woods on the journey home to Princess Luquasia's kingdom. He was drinking from the river. I had to fight the tears that began to form in my eyes when I saw him. I was already in a bad state I didn't want the princess to see me become even more of a lady.

With one hand grasped on the stern I rode Lavros as Princess Luquasia braced my back. She was kind enough to rip off parts of her dress to bind my ribs and fasten my arm until they could be properly healed.

It still hurt to breath but the pain was beginning to subside.

"You shall come to my kingdom, Lady Saura," said Princess Luquasia. "My people will fix your wounds and you shall be looked after till your wounds are gone."

"What will we tell your father the king of me?" I asked.

"We will tell him that you are Lady Saura, slayer of dragons and my hero. And if being a woman bothers them so then they will deal with me for I am now also a dragon slayer."

I smiled at the thought. A princess dragon slayer. Although I guess it is as strange as a lady dragon slayer.

"I have people princess," I said. "People who have healed me after every battle I have needed them."

"Very well, Lady Saura," said the princess.

The princess embraced me lightly so as not to squeeze my ribs and I rode on.

We rode the rest of the night and by day break we were out side the kingdom walls.

"We're here, princess."

"So we are," responded the princess. "I will miss you, Lady Saura."

I moved to climb off my horse, wincing in pain.

"No don't, Lady Saura," said Princess Luquasia.

The princess climbed off the back of my horse.

"Promise you will visit," said the Princess. "Promise me this isn't the last I will see of you."

 I knew not what to say. I simply smiled. I have never visited a virgin lady I have rescued from a dragon before. Princess Luquasia request was new to me.

The princess smiled back and began to walk toward her kingdom. She stopped turned around and ran back to me. She placed her foot on the stirrup stood up on the horse and kissed me.

"I will tell your tale Lady Saura and they could believe me or not."

The Princess climbed down and began to run towards her kingdom.

I stood underneath the tree. The same tree I waited under for payment for her rescue. I watched as the kingdom doors opened and welcomed with cheers her safe return.

Princess Luquasia was in the distance now, unable to see me clearly but she looked over her shoulder towards me as her people embraced her and smiled.

The End

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