Monday, August 4, 2014

Lady Saura, Slayer of Dragons - Chapter Two - The Outlands

The outlands are a barren land.

It's filled with desert sands and savage tribes that do nothing but rape and pillage nearby villages.

The outlands are avoided at all cost.

At the center of the outlands exist the fire caves of fire island. The dwellings of the most ferocious of dragons.

A place I have journeyed to many times.

The outlands are ruled by nomadic tribes. One such tribe is called the Rukrons. In order to survive the outlands it is necessary for me to pay them for protection

"Saura, slayer of dragons," said Lord Galtrak, ruler of the Rukrons. "You have returned. What fair lady do you seek to rescue this time?"

"That is a matter of extreme privacy, Lord Galtrak," I responded. It is not wise to tell another the bounty you seek for fear you may be speaking to competition who may want to still reward right from under you.

"Yes, of course. Lord Galtrak is well aware, but I'm afraid I have some bad news, Saura."

"And what is this bad news, Lord Galtrak?"

"I'm afraid the price of protection through the outlands has doubled."

"And why is that, Lord Galtrak?" I asked.

"War, my lady Saura. We are at war with our neighboring tribes. Getting you to the fire islands will be at great risk to you and to us as well."

"Well I'm sorry, Lord Galtrak but double is to steep a price for me to pay."

"Well then, Lady Saura I'm afraid we won't be able to assist you on this journey. Maybe you should turn back and return when things or better."

"I'll take the risk, Lord Galtrak."

"A huge risk to take for a captured lady. The bounty must be high, yes. Surely you can part with double for safe passage."

"I'm sorry, Lord Galtrak but I rather not."

"Well, Lady Saura it's your risk to take," said Lord Galtrak. He gave me a sinister smile and waved bye as I rode away on Lavros.

Lord Galtrak was never a friend and therefore has never earned my trust and if there was anytime I could trust Lord Galtrak it would not be now. I wasn't sure if Lord Galtrak was telling the truth about war between the outland tribes. All I knew was money was hard to come by in the outlands and it stood to reason that trickery was at hand to receive more coin from me.

Never the less I will have to journey to the fire islands alone and pray to the gods the outland tribes are unaware of my presence on the way there and back.

End of Chapter Two

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