Monday, August 11, 2014

Lady Saura, Slayer of Dragons - Chapter Three - The Fire Islands

It is said that in the middle of the fire islands there is a throne and on the throne sits the charred body of Ragu, the former lord of the fire islands.

Its mountainous caves made it the perfect the home for the dragons and after knights and dragon slayers moved them from their homes they took to the fire islands then known as Ladena Island. It is said that they took it over by burning the lord of Ladena to death who refused to leave his throne to the dragons.

At night you can hear the screams and cries of the virgin ladies, kidnapped by the dragons and by day you can hear the roar of the dragons breath and see the flames burning in the air.

One of the challenges of rescuing a lady from a dragon's cave is finding the right dragons cave. There are many dragons and even more ladies in need of rescue. Some dragon slayers simply come to the fire islands, find a lady who appears to be of great wealth, rescues her and returns her to her home in hope of a great bounty. Some run the risk of going straight for a dragons gold. Which is not advised, because dragons protect the sight and smell of gold much more than they protect the smell of  virgins. A breath of fire is never spared when it is for the golden shine of gold. Other slayers, like myself, take specific bounties to rescue specific ladies. Payment is much higher due to the risk and the difficulty in finding the specific lady. These dragon slayers have great knowledge of the island and if the detail of the dragon given is specific enough finding the dragon becomes less of a challenge. Experienced dragon slayers of the fire islands know exactly what caves belong to which dragon.

The princess of Landwall was taken by a well described dragon. The dragon was described as being large and green with a tail of golden yellow. A large dragon with a yellow tail is well know amongst dragon slayers. He has captured many a lady and is possessor of mounds of gold. I know the cave of this Yellow Tail well and a bounty this high is well worth the rescue.

The closer I come to the cave of this Yellow Tail the more I hear the screams of captured ladies. Screams of fear and terror. But I must block those sounds from my ears. I come only seeking the rescue of one lady. For more than one will be to greedy and the overwhelming effort to rescue more than one will surely be my downfall.

I must remember I seek only the princess of Landwall. The Princess Luquasia. She has been described to me as dark of hair, this of face with eyes of brown. When taken by Yellow Tail she was dressed in the color of the clouds and a headband of silver lay on her head.

It will be hard to ignore the cries of the other ladies trapped by Yellow Tail but I must do so if I am to successfully rescue the princess and collect my bounty.

End of Chapter Three

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