Monday, August 25, 2014

Lady Saura, Slayer of Dragons - Chapter Five - Leaving Fire Island

I carried the Princess Luquasia over my shoulder, away from Yellow Tail's cave. It was then that I heard the piercing sound of a dragon's scream. I turned to see the giant scaly face of Yellow Tail poke his head out of his large cave.

The Princess Luquasia began to stir in my grasp. Her eyes opened slowly. She was weakened from her days in captivity. She looked over my shoulder to see the bright eyes of the dragon and she let out a scream that rivaled Yellow Tail's wail.

I held her over my shoulder tight and ran as fast as I could down the rocky hill. My faithful steed Lavros waited below ready to carry us out of the burned dry island.

I turned my head back to gain full sight of Yellow Tail. Yellow Tail's wings were spread out and with two quick flaps of them Yellow Tail head taken flight and was above us a great distance. The Princess Luquasia screamed loudly at the sight of him and braced me as hardly as I braced her.

Towards the end of the path I could see my faithful horse Lavros, waiting patiently. Yellow Tail was above us now and I feared at any moment he would release the full fury of his dragon's breath. Or if not on I and the Princess Luquasia then on my faithful horse of golden brown.

To my surprise Yellow Tail did not release the full fury of his Dragon's Breath. Instead he hovered above us and stretched his claws out. Yellow Tail was preparing to recapture the princess.

I released the Princess Luquasia to the molting ground and unsheathed my sword. The princess screamed and ran down the hill towards Lavros. But instead of coming towards me as expected, Yellow Tail instead, flew towards the running princess. With my sword in hand I chased after the flying dragon waving my sword in the air in hopes of scaring away the large dragon. It was then that Yellow Tail decided to release the full force of his dragon breath.

The ball of fire eclipsed Yellow Tail. With one flick of my wrist I released my shield from by back and shielded myself from the hot flames of Yellow Tail's breath.

I've been burned by dragon's fire before and it's intense. Dragon fire is more powerful than fire born of wood.

When the fire of the dragon vanished I unshielded myself to see the Yellow Tail snapping his long talons at the Princess Luquasia. He was trying with all his might to capture the princess in his grasp once again.

It was then that I threw my sword into the belly of Yellow Tail. Yellow Tail, in pain, flew away from the princess and into the side of a mountain. The dragon hit the mountain with such force that it cause him to loose consciousness and fall to the burnt road.

The princess smiled at the sight and climbed on to Lavros. I followed suit and the Princess Luquasia braced my back as we rode past the sleeping Yellow Tail and out of the fire islands over the bridge and into the vast desert known as The outlands.

End of Chapter Five

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