Monday, August 18, 2014

Lady Saura, Slayer of Dragons - Chapter Four - The Cave of Yellow Tail

Most think in order to rescue a virgin or claim a handful of gold one must slay a dragon but the truth is many slayers have received great riches by never slaying a dragon. The ability of stealth and trickery is usually all that is needed when dealing with dragons. Most dragons have two many ladies and too much gold to keep a watchful eye on all. All that is required is to locate the princess and hope that the eyes of the dragon are turned on other matters and sneak away with her in to the night. For dragons it is out of sight, out of mind.

When I approached the cave of Yellow Tail I expected to hear the screams of many but was surprised to hear none.  For a dragon with a representation such as Yellow Tail this was most confusing. All I could hear was a lady crying and the heavy breathing of a beast. A sleeping beast.

Yellow Tail was asleep and the Princess Luquasia was left unattended.

I steadied myself and prepared to enter the cave.

She was standing there, the Princess Luquasia. Dirt covered most of her. Her cheeks were moist from tears and her hair was long and matted but it was her.

Before her laid Yellow Tail. A giant dragon of green and a tale of blinding yellow. It laid across its cave floor directly in front of her and me.

Princess Luquasia appeared asleep as she lay against the side of the cave wall. Her hair blowing in the air at each exhale of the dragon's heavy breathing.

I was unsure of my next move. It was important not to startle the princess for fear she will wake the dragon in her excitement of her apparent rescue.

I unsheathed my sword and approached the princess with steady caution. She laid sobbing, unaware of my presence. When I reached her I moved my hand across her cheek gently, startling her.

"Princess," I whispered.

She did not respond. She instead stared at me blankly unable to tell if this was real.

"Princess," I repeated.

Her eyes began to flutter and slowly began to rise to her feet.

"Princess are you okay?" I asked her in a soft whisper.

She looked at me. Her bright brown eyes starring daggers into me. Then her eyes fluttered,, closed shut and she slowly drifted back to the ground, having fainted.

Many years as a dragon slayer has increased my strength more than most ladies. I was able to lift the Princess Luquasia over my shoulder and remove her from the hostile cave of the dragon Yellow Tail.

As I carried the princess toward the cave exit I took one last look back at the ferocious dragon. I studied him as he lay asleep in the dark cave. My next move will be to carry the princess as quickly as I can out of the cave and out of fire islands without the dragon Yellow Tail's knowledge. I knew that if I could preform this simple task than the threat of Yellow Tail would be of no consequence to me.

End of Chapter Four

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